(also Computer Entities)

These massive computer entities are composite technology beyond our own. They appear to have some sort of relationship to the area in which they are found. Each one has the power to influence the various planes of existence around themselves.

The only ones that are encountered in Eye of the Ophanim are Somnyx (WhiteBIN), Novascharyx, Atlantyx and Ooblyx (Mythos Sigma). The Ophanim control four of these five. Atlantyx is under the control of the Erelim.

  • Aeryx
  • Somnyx
    • WhiteBIN
  • Atlantyx
    • Pillars of Atlantis
  • Ptolemyx
  • Boehyx
  • Andalusyx
  • Novascharyx
  • Kylyx
  • Eldaryx
  • Prodojyx
  • Ooblyx
    • Mythos Sigma
  • Zozyzybyx
  • Palacyx
  • Frankencyx
  • Athenyx
  • Firyx
  • Boccyx
  • Dervyx (whirling)
  • Crucifyx