Completed works and works in progress. A list of projects can also bee seen on the Junk Drawer page.

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Completed Projects

Novels and Novellas - all Published Works

A complete listing of published works can be found on the Published Books page, along with a brief synopsis.

Full Length Screenplays

Works In Progress

Interactive Fiction

  • The Tire Swing

Novels / Novellas

  • Candor Bandersnatch and the Secret Gate of Oogaboo (A Hidden History of Oz story)
  • Eidolon Territory
  • The Quickened Blade
  • Let the Dead Lie


  • Tales of the Argo: Sons of Oceanus
  • Angelfire Wars: Earthfallen

Scripts currently shelved:


  • Commentary on Comments - script polish
    • Euphoria Films
    • Project put on indefinite hold
  • Replicate 2.0 - script polish
    • Euphoria Films

Game Projects - see Created Worlds

Fan Fiction

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

"Watch, Therefore ..."

Buffy / Angel crossover:

"The Day Cometh"


"Blood Sisters"

Xena: Warrior Princess

"A Bard in the Hand ..."

Comic Scripts

Created Worlds

  • Hidden History of Oz
  • Doll Tracer
  • Cthonian High School
  • SnowGlobes
  • Whale Song
  • Devils Highway / Valhalla Springs

Stage Plays

Moral Fiber

A one act play. Winner: Best Script, Minnesota School of Business Creative Quill writing contest, 2007

David and Goliatha

A three-act play produced and performed by the youth of Rochester 1st Ward, Rochester Minnesota Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Short Scripts

Short Stories:

  • Eidolon Territory
  • A Giant Among Munchkins
  • Johari Window
  • Blanket Apology
  • Nightmare Dawn: Watcher
  • Nightmare Dawn: Dreamer