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Created Worlds

World creation has always been a fascinating pursuit.  I have been creating worlds and writing stories for the majority of my life.  More stories can be found under the writing link.

Below you will find some of the more completely imagined worlds - both original and  re-imaginings of more publicly-known worlds.

Original Works

Searching for truth and meaning in a time of dangerous dreams.


The twilight of the Greek gods leaves mankind helpless against the tides of chaos. Four unlikely heroes arise to challenge the corruption and darkness.
  • War on Olympus
  • Blood of Oceanus

Upcoming series of young adult novels that take place as prequels to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
The Witch Queens of Oz
  • The young adult novel is complete December 30, 2011
  • First novel in the Hidden History cycle

Fueled by human dreams, the Emerald Engine powers the magic of Oz.  The looming battle for the future of Oz begins in the heart of a single clockwork man.

  • TikTok Walkabout
  • Dorothy Stormchaser
  • Ozma and the Queen of Dreams
  • The Clockwork Apocalypse of Oz

Seeing dead people was just the beginning.

Three friends bounce through time on a magically-induced quest to save the world. 

Fan Fictions
Explore what Star Wars might have been.

Before she was the Warrior Princess, Xena was the new girl in school.