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The Hidden History of Oz, Book One: 
The Witch Queens
Cover Image for The Witch Queens (The Hidden History of Oz, Book One)

With only three spells, two clever friends, and a wizard with a dream, Glinda will learn that the one thing in Oz more powerful than magic is freedom.

THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF OZ: The roots of Oz reach back more than a thousand years to a past full of Witches and warriors fighting to control the magic of a land powered by human dreams. Discover the courage and adventure today by ordering your copy of The Witch Queens.

Ghosts of Serpentariis and Other Somnificient Musings

 A poetic journey into deeper dreams, where a dreamer witnesses that the epic battle between light and dark is the same for worlds as it is for a human soul.

Worlds both alien and familiar, sculpted and brought to life.

Projects of which I have been a part; includes present and past games, with links to informational websites.

Screenplays, stage plays, novellas, poetry and more.  Many completed works; many incomplete projects that have been sitting on the shelf, now dusted off to see finally the light of day.

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