Tales of The Argo

The twilight of the golden age descends upon the Greek Isles. The great technologies of the previous race have been lost to legend. Only their ruins remain. Great heroes have sung their songs, and settled into the dust. Even the gods have fallen prey to the insidious shadows. But stolen power does not give itself up without fighting. When the generation lust for power rears its head again, the Olympians are powerless against the force of prophesy.

Only one who has turned his back on his true heritage holds the key to pushing back the shadows. He sailed on the original Argo with Jason, who has long slept in the ground. He has drowned his memories more times than he can remember, and still there is no peace. His redemption, and ultimately the survival of all Greece, depends on the blood in his veins.

He battled in four wars. He descended into the Underworld. He battled the Titans in Tarterus. Now he faces his greatest challenge.

Tell me Sibyl, who can stand when both are fulfillment of prophesy?


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Cast out in dishonor, Pericles, son of Poseidon, swore he would never return. But the Black Stone has once again come forth, and the stars have aligned. War. Not for glory, nor for survival, but for redemption.



  • Olympians
    • Poseidon
    • Zeus
    • Hades
    • Aphrodite Pandemos
    • Ares
  • Titans
    • Hyperion
    • Atlas
    • Prometheus
    • Aphrodite Ouranious
  • Nymphs / Nereids
    • Amphitrite
    • Thetis
    • Delphinus
  • Villains
  • Supporting Cast
    • Daius Trimegistus (Thrice-blessed Daius, the king over the Gray Mankind)


  • Athens
  • Delphi
  • Olympus
  • Underworld
  • Ocean
  • Tarterus

Atalanta, the Virgin Huntress. Chosen of Athena, Atalanta faces the world for the first time. Her companions know the truth of her forgotten past. Her capacity to learn and to forgive could mean the difference between life and death.

Once chosen of Athena, Megaera's betrayal changed the course of her destiny. Now the opportunity to redeem the sins of the past could change the future.

A giant among his classmates, Anteus always dreamed of war. But the true scars have yet to be felt by this young man.