TikTok - Level Breakdown_Ep1

TikTok Walkabout

Level Breakdown

1. Smith & Tinker

a. World Hub

b. Gallery

c. Book of Places

d. Laboratory

i. Big Tesla coils zap electricity back and forth. At the very top is a robot girl head. Retrieve the head to begin the quest to build Widget.

2. Clockwork Forest

a. Tutorial

b. Gearbox

c. Cuckoo

d. Caveworks

3. Flatrock Chasm

a. Cave entrance

b. Canyon Floor - Avalanche

c. Climbing Out

d. Monkeys everywhere

i. Mini-boss fight – big flying monkey

4. Battle of Broken Wheel / Vale of Broken Pipes

a. Single room

b. Battle waves of munchkins and wheelers

c. Choose your path – wheeler or munchkin

i. Ten seconds to choose

ii. Wheeler Path

1. Get unicycle

2. Path to Slide Mountain opens

iii. Munchkin Path

1. Get magic feather

2. Path to Munchkin Fortress opens

d. If you choose one path, the other is closed to you in story mode.

e. In freeplay mode all paths are open, because you have characters to open the gates.

5. Munchkin Path – Munchkin Fortress

a. Pipe Organ gatehouse

b. Munchkin Village siege

c. Great Tree Ablaze

d. Obstacle Course

i. Flying using the Magic Feather

ii. Ascend to a certain height and glide down

6. Wheeler Path – Slide Mountain

a. Obstacle Course x 2

i. Race on Unicycle

b. Munchkin Attack

c. Cave – Super WheelerBall

7. Weeping Falls

a. Climb Up Falls

b. Flying Monkey Attack

c. Underwater

d. Mini-Boss Battle

i. Beat mini-boss to get Singing Sword

8. Block City

a. Enter through aqueducts

b. Street Level

c. Palace

d. Boss Fight – JabberWheeler

i. Breaks down palace wall

ii. There are ways to defeat the JabberWheeler no matter which path you chose. If you have the Unicycle there is a way to use that, and if you have the Magic Feather there is a way to use that.

iii. Use the Singing Sword to strike the killing blow and chop off its head.

iv. A wheel pops out of the head and it zips around still attacking.

v. Finish the head off to complete the Episode.

vi. Retrieve Wheels for Widget body.

9. Extras – to keep in mind for freeplay bonuses

a. Attack on Munchkin Fortress

i. Protect wheeler attack engines from waves of Munchkin soldiers

b. Assault on Slide Mountain

i. Help the Munchkins tear down the Wheeler machinery

c. Super-secret unlockable extra for Slide Mountain.

i. Use the JabberWheeler head in freeplay in the obstacle course races.