The Clockwork Apocalypse of Oz

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Concept Art for TikTok Walkabout

TikTok Walkabout

Basic storyline:

TikTok is a clockwork man, created by Smith & Tinker as a gift for the royal family of Ev. He journeyed with Dorothy and her friends through many adventures before he was named, "The Royal Army of Oz."

While on a walkabout, TikTok is struck by lightning, locking up his joints and freezing his gears. He requires extensive repair, which can only be found at the laboratories of his creation.

Smith & Tinker rebuild the damaged parts and give TikTok a new appearance. Before he awakens, they mysteriously disappear. When TikTok regains coherence, there is nobody around. The only thing he can find is the head of a clockwork girl. There are no other parts around, but there is a cryptic note referencing the missing pieces. It is signed, Mombi. TikTok determines to find all of the additional parts to build this new clockwork persona, so he can have a companion.

TikTok and his companions, Captain Fyter - the Tin Soldier, Dorothy Gale and Toto, and Jack Pumpkinhead set off on a journey that takes them across the great Clockwork forest, where he meets the wheelers and the feral munchkins. Then down below the surface, where he is taken prisoner by the wily Nomes. He escapes and adventures through the subterranean world, through a machine factory, narrowly escaping destruction by an army of automatons. They sneak into cargo uploading to an airship, and journey across the skies, winding up on a floating island - the secret laboratory of Mr. Tinker. On this mysterious island, the companions have their final showdown with Mombi and find the final pieces of the puzzle to bring this clockwork girl to life.

Associated Stories:

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