Cirque du Nocte

Chapter Breakdown

I. Oceania

a. Island

i. Dance of the stones

1. Floating stones

2. Bridges under construction by unseen hands

ii. Deep Forest

iii. Fireflies (torch dance)

1. Dragonflies with halos over their heads

iv. Leper Colony

v. Song of the Saurians

b. Undersea Palace

i. Tempest

1. Stingray antivenin

ii. Birth of Venus

1. Sirens escort newly born Venus to castle Delphinus

iii. Kraken

iv. Charioteer

v. Labyrinth

1. Don’t touch the walls

2. Breathe through stingray mask.

c. Ocean Floor

i. Lords of the Deep

1. Nereids, Tritons and Deep Ones (bathynim) battle

2. Fortress

a. Whale prince lost

3. Murals

a. Minigames like Mario 64. Murals are gates

ii. Whale Song

1. Guide the whale king to his lost child.

iii. Breathless

1. Stingray Mask

iv. Born of Water

v. Bathed in Fire

1. Volcano

2. Sinking / rising island

d. Fortress – Bonus

i. Need stingray antivenin to use mask

ii. Bathysphere – steampunkish submarine adventure

iii. Battle plan of the whales

iv. Eternal enemy from the stars

1. sea dragons from the stars

2. children of Thale

3. From the imposter deathworld that nearly destroyed many earths. It has seeded many planets with its spawn.

4. This was an ark-world, but it has a more sinister purpose – survival at any and all costs on more than one world.

II. Mountains of Madness

a. Deep Kingdom

i. Fungi Forest

1. spore dryads

ii. Bridges / roots of the mountains

1. Reference Mines of Moria and Balrog battle.

iii. Pillars of Raeloth’s Bestiary

1. Ancient dry ruins.

2. Subterranean desert. Where does the wind come from?

3. Chalice

4. Charm the ancient cadavers.

iv. Nemskedd

1. Snowy region of ice.

2. Toboggan

v. Chimes of Cingoth

b. Cliffside

i. Fortress

ii. Slums

1. Narrow city.

2. Stair streets.

3. Buildings heartbeats right on top of each other.

iii. Staircase

iv. Theory of Flight

1. Great Owl.

v. Ornithopter

c. Mountaintop Aerie

i. Pipe Organ

1. Nautilus

2. Music to talk to it.

ii. Skipping Stones

1. Harpies with hyena faces.

iii. Hatchery

iv. Wind tunnel. Flamewind.

v. Torus

1. High above

2. Prison Amphitheater

3. Prison in the sky

a. One entrance

b. Labyrinth. Mummies.

c. Key to undersea fortress is contained inside

d. Holds works of art from ancient civilizations

i. These artworks are portals to smaller levels.

III. Skies

a. Floating Island – WynnHale Valley

i. Pool of Radiance

1. Hanging Gardens

ii. Forest of Karnn

1. Tightrope among the treetops.

iii. Flying fish.

iv. Death of the Illustrix (Queen of Illusion).

v. Bonus – passage to Oceania Island Pool

b. Moon

i. Circles of Stones

1. Trilithon

2. Cyclopaean coral castles

ii. Palace of Silver

1. Modeled after lighthouse

2. Great statues inside and out

iii. Caverns of Mnep

1. Guarded by moth-faced sphinx

iv. Mirrors

c. Stars

i. Aurora Celestialis

ii. Whales

iii. Starsong

1. Crystals singing

2. Central sun circled by pipers and drummers

iv. Born of Heaven

v. Final – Kingdom of The Sun.

1. King Azhumel


· Passage to Sun is in the reflecting pool on Floating Island (this is unlockable)

· Song of the Saurians

· Music of the Stars

§ Requires instruments collected

· Synchronicity in all nine performances are required to unlock the final gate.

Added 7-28-09

Synchronicity – crop circle creation functions as keys to open gates.

How can we generate crop circle type designs dynamically?




Superslam the ground

Evangelion – in the sky

A pattern could appear in the corner of the screen. A particular performer could fill this pattern through successful completion of their performance. Go through all the performers. As each completes their performance with synchronized movements, they can achieve synchronicity. Depending on how many performers there are are (or how many rings there are in the particular circus), that determines the _-fold symmetry of the design. 3-fold to 12-fold.

How could you create assymetrical or asynchronous designs through performances?

Incomplete designs have the potential of unlocking items, much as games like SSX 3 involve doing a slope many times to find all of the unlockables and collectibles, by achieving asynchronicity at varying degrees (12%, 19%, 39% …) the player can unlock more costumes, ornaments, designs and more.

I think each percent between 1 and 100 will unlock something. It can be anything from jugglers rings to fancy belts for the clowns.