· The Looking-away Eye

Also Known As:

Blind Consort

Deaf Som



The shields are indirectly related to every dive into the pseudomatrix. They are the final word on each facet of the mission.

Blind Consort – has no dealings with the details of the mission. Oracular tendencies as it relates to the metaphoric premises of the mission. They are usually considered wackos by the vast majority of their colleagues. Most of the time they spend puttering around in other vocations and hobbies unrelated to DreamWeaving. This allows them a unique perspective.

DeafSom – These Shields only see images when communicating with the others. They see patterns and connect dots between the unseen and the seen. They interpret drawings made by the Angels and the Blades to give another perspective.

SoulFyx – These are Karmic Amplifiers that watch the Angels. They are the controllers in the background that ensure the alignment of the various implements that the Angels may use – WhiteBIN, Gates, or The SomPaxx Orrery.

Many times the SoulFyx Shields will go in and check all of the alignments for the planned dives and outline any difficulties that may be foreseen.