AngelFire Texts

Books in the Angelfire Mythos

The Malsomnigen

“The Root of all Nightmares”. Translated from pieces brought back from the Dreamlands by dreamers during the Industrial Revolution.

Golem Knight

Ancient Hebrew legend buried by the Knights Templar. Unearthed by Scholars during World War II. Used as the primary basis for Synclad research.

Cristobal’s “Conscience”

Victorian Treatise on the multi-layered capability of the human mind/soul. Taken as the textbook guide to spiritual interaction with the dimensions. Cristobal was the first to name these shadow-dimensional beings The Skornn.

Scrolls of Calesti

The recorded war between the Giants and ancient mankind. Contains stories and the words of non-biblical prophets. (this record is included in Cristobal’s “Conscience”)

Ex Draconis” by Von Alric

“From the Dragon”. Occult treatise written under the influence of hallucinogens while performing bizarre meditations. Contains plans and stratagems (in grisly detail) of the Nephilim and their mortal children to corrupt the Earth and control mankind. They seek to make this Earth theirs. Also contains plans to build bodies to house these fallen angels in tabernacles.

Dialogues” by Bathsheba Carver

A collection of writings on the nature of man and woman; the role of woman in the destiny of this Earth; and the enemies and temptations that afflict each sex.

Grotesqueries” by Oleah Al-Mordecai

A history of Talismen, golems, constructs, elementals, and other forms of artificial life. Includes the forbidden “Animus” by Tokah. This book was a secondary motivation to begin Synclad research. (def. grotesquerie: ludicrous or incongruous unnaturalness or distortion.)

Tray of Life

Translation of ancient hieroglyphs exploring the creation of life on this world. The role of DNA and the entwined snakes. Contains both a literal translation and a metaphorical translation (in the form of legends and doings of the Gods). Also includes a lengthy discussion and interpretation.

Concerns the primal forces of creation, the purpose of the twining energies infusing the soul and the body. Body and soul entwined creates the blood to travel the stars.

Stylus of Gods and Stone by Do-Talle

Translation of Aboriginal dream walking. Reputed to be a metaphysical record of the Lost Continent of Mu’s science as it related to the manipulation of animus and matter.

Stars and Blood by Khrykov

A collection of arcane knowledge detailing the aetheric flow of phlogiston through the dimensions. How the gates of the stars can be opened by blood.

Ancient symbols on hidden rocks deep within the earth lays out the patterns of the skies. These star charts show the gates and the purpose for the signs in the heavens. These are illustrated through fantastic creatures and patterns unrecognized by modern man. These things are believed to be the things of nightmare – most especially the angel of destruction with his four faces.

Freeman’s “Lorcai

Included in Raeloth’s Bestiary. The history of an aeons-dead civilization that grew beneath prehistoric Earth. Details the Skornn and their utterly destructive nature.

Raeloth’s Bestiary

Collection of histories that outline the various intelligent denizens of this Earth. Supported in great detail through appendixes chronicling xeno-fossilic records. The accuracy of these histories is confirmed by dream viewing through the epochs.

Scrolls of Aasharib

Legends of the linked earths. The Crystal Seas of Swarme. Darkly whispered secrets of the Skornn.

Study on Vulcanism

An early scientific treatise on volcanoes and seismology. Written by a Danish explorer in 1620. Contains legends of the airy earth and the portals to lower dimensions and their denizens.

Fantastickal Magicks

Writings rumored to have originated in the legendary Cirque d’Nocte. Outlines the way to travel the realms of imagination and the unseen worlds accessible to the human mind. Hints at the underlying conflict that co-exist in every age of man and every epoch of imagination.

Vadnais Rubicon

Report of the Domner Cross Expedition that led to the deaths of all involved. Explores the theory of moral decay as it relates to the aethereal incursion into this plane.

Taladon Maruk

“The Ascension of Darkness”. Ancient Tablets written by Lorcai hand describing the Skornn Ascendancy. Originally translated by ancient Sumerians. (they incorporated the worship of these dark beings into their pagan philosophies) Hinted at in “The Fall of Babel” by Eber-Cush. Also mentioned in Freeman’s “Lorcai” and Raeloth’s Bestiary.

The Fall of Babel” by Eber-Cush

Detailed account of the great tower that grew in dreams and spread to shadow blighted mortality. Unfolds the purpose of the tower as a portal to the levels of heaven. The nature and disposition of the tower. How it was built. The runes and inscriptions channeled into the cyclopaean architecture.

Contains the description of the destroying angel who annihilated the tower animus and scattered the pieces across the sky. Also the scattering of wicked people throughout the earth.

Serpent’s Moon by Gnoth

Written by Giants and preserved in one of their subterranean libraries. Details the secret plans of the Nephilim to destroy humanity through corruption. The signs given in both heaven and earth to signal the advent of humanity’s complete corruption when the earth shall be utter wasted and control drops to the rulers of the mortal sphere.

Summoning rituals for serpents of all types (including naga and spirit snakes).

*This is a primary motivation for the Theorocidad Movement and the In The Shade of the Sun Exodus underground.