Amazon High - episode ideas

Outlines for a first season of 13 episodes.

1. Friends In Low Places - Xena enrolls in Amazon High. Meets friends and makes rivals. Gains the grudging respect of Morine.

2. Leap of Faith - Xena and Morine continue to forge their friendship. They're sent out on a mission by Solymaia, so they can learn to trust each other completely. They encounter bandits, a cyclops, and Cupid. They help Cupid get two lovers back together. They each are given a quest by Solymaia (much like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. They have to get past several challenges together to achieve their individual goals - which happen to be exactly the same.)

3. Larger Than Life - Lysippe's statue comes to life. Comedy

4. Art of War - Ares takes an interest in Xena.

5. A Ferry Tale - Xena and company travel to Hades to find out who murdered an Amazon Chieftess. Charon wants a break, so he leaves. Xena and friends must keep everyone that's in Hades inside, and everyone else out.

6. Caste Away - Xena and Megaera save an Amazon Ambassador. In a contest to see who gets to be an Amazon, Xena rigs it so that Megaera wins.

7. Weapon of Choice - Rivals attack Amazon High, thanks to a grave misunderstanding. Solymaia takes Xena and friends to find Artemis' bow and return it. Xena is instructed in the use of the Chakram. Solymaia dies. (also, a sacred weapon is found inside Amazon High.)

8. Hoofprints in the Sand - On her way to return the Bow of Artemis, Xena tracks Solymaia's killer to a centaur camp. Xena and her friends attack the camp, and they lose, big time. Megaera gets captured. Xena sneaks in to free her. Ares appears and tells Xena that he'll provide the way to rescue Megaera ... for a price. This episode explains why Xena doesn't like centaurs (see season one X:WP "Hooves and Harlots")

9. Still Waters Run Deep - Xena must finish Solymaia's mission to return Artemis' stolen bow. She travels by sea to the temple at Athens. While at sea, she meets Poseidon and tries to reconcile the bad blood between Poseidon and his shapeshifting son, Periclymenus.

10. Blood and Tears - Xena loses her blood innocence after she accepts Ares' alternative plan.

11. Arrows Through Hearts - Ares and Aphrodite stage a contest. Ares is confident that his warrior, Xena, will fight her way through the challenges to get a healing balm for Morine. Aphrodite gets Marcus to distract Xena. This is where Xena comes to realize that the Olympian gods are selfish and petty. (Comedy)

12. A Brother In Arms - Xena and Marcus make plans to assemble an army. Xena's brother, Toris, finds them.

13. In Defense of Home - Xena defeats the army of Cortese at Amphipolis.