The Creative Process - A Cover Letter

Like a perpetual notion machine, the creative process is a constant ebb and flow of creative ideas. Creativity is the desire of every person. We all desire to create something where nothing existed before. Creativity is a constant companion, driving me to develop new applications, both digitally and on paper. Many of these applications have been implemented in my career and some have yet to find their place in the world.

In my position as Quality Assurance Team Lead, I organized QA protocols across multiple categories, coordinating with several departments to streamline procedures and increase effectiveness in report creation. I work closely with the Legal and the Merchandising Teams to ensure Federal compliance with applicable product lines. My responsibilities entail proofreading, detailed analyses and data archiving and management. Clear communication is a hallmark of my continual endeavors to codify mutual understanding.

Throughout my education in Game Design and Programming I consistently guided teams of students through story creation as the flesh and bones of the gameplay experience. I founded the writer’s group at the Minnesota School of Business and won multiple writing awards during my time as a student.

As a creatively driven writer, I have completed a number of projects, from screen and stage plays to published poetry to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: An Annotated Journey. Writing has been a lifetime passion, scripting and dreaming tales of possibility and wonder. An extensive knowledge base gives me great advantage in laying out stories, connecting powerful principles and crafting resonant messages. I am at my best collaborating with others on creative projects.