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Olympus, IncComedy

All Greek Mythology is a merchandising campaign designed to bolster the profits of Zeus' struggling advertising agency - Olympus, Inc.

The Gray Matter X-Files Parody.

Agent Wolf Moldy swan dives into a massive paranormal conspiracy, dragging skeptical Agent Sculler along for the ride.  Along the way, he discovers the secrets of Elvis, the Roswell Crash, and challenges the Dark Lord of the Dance to a duel.

Short script

Based on the Short Story, "The First Caress", by Melva Gifford.  All rights reserved.

StarfighterSelection from the full-length screenplay.  

Young starfighter pilots must rescue an imprisoned people before embarking on their exodus back to their ancestral homelands.


Selection from the full-length screenplay. 

The time of the gods had come and gone, and yet they stayed. Beneath the shadows of Olympus, a darker evil lurks, waiting to bring the Ancient Ones back to reclaim this world. Humanity's only hope - four heroes. This is their story ...