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By Tarl N. Telford

September 2008


Last night I dreamed

I could not awake.

You by my side,

Yet I couldn’t see -

See what I was missing.

I want your hand

To curl around mine

And whisper again

Everything will be fine

I’ll see you again,

Right here in the morning.

Afraid it is too late;

The rising sun is cold.

I cannot cry out

To let you know I hear.

I cannot stay more.

If you were a dream

I cherish the night,

The light in the corners

Brightens, surrounding.

The dream is past,

The morn is come.

Waking path I see

Is but a memory -

A daytime slumber.

In the light now I see …

I’ll tell you about it in the morning,

For right now I’m still asleep.