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Chain of One

Chain of One

By Tarl N. Telford



I am shackled to the sun.

Each day drags me forward –

From dawn’s first kiss

To moonlight’s soft embrace.

Powerless I am to resist.

A handful of grass or fistful of daisies

Does not, will not, slacken my pace.

Yet trouble it brings –

For once uprooted cannot grow.


How I long to burrow sweet earth

And send forth shoots, anchors

To protect me from daily ravages

Of brightly burning hourglass.


Trees turn their faces to watch

As I speed sullenly by.

What freedom they taste;

To fill their needs day by day,

Instead of rushing

To some unknown conclusion.


Perhaps one day I shall outgrow

These fetters and step off

This merry-go-round and find

Some other amusement to pass the time.

But for now, my ticket is punched,

And I am shackled to the sun.