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Aldern Gates of Robiloth

Aldern Gates of Robiloth

Written by Tarl Telford



White to red, the wooden spires

Pierced the golden dawn; witness to

Grandeur, sparkling silver doth stream

From towers of polished marble.

Envy of nations, center of all the world -

Riches flowed unto thee through Aldern Gates,

And their rubies dripped like rain.


Smoking pillars ascending heaven’s breath

Shadow the blighted walls, gated still in defiance.

Fourteen generations stained thee; a scourging venom’d tide

That sickened even the endless deep.

Enslaver of nations, despised of all the world;

All nations flowed unto thee, clutching crimson tokens,

And their rubies dripped like rain.


Canst thou not remember

When stone sat upon stone, and life

Gazed upon thee in wonder?  Instead,

Butchered, barren plain behind thine aegis borne.

What alien Babylon created thee and built thee up?

Defiant to the last, e’en thy ghosts have been forgot -

Still their rubies drip like rain.