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These poems are all contained in my new book of poetry, "Ghosts of Serpentariis and Other Somnificient Musings", available on Smashwords.com.

Chain of One

  • This poem won first prize in the Minnesota School of Business Creative Quill writing contest, Winter 2008.


Aldern Gates of Robiloth
  • The gate lost in the ancient dreamlands.
Ghosts of Serpentariis
  • Epic Poem following an errant dreamer's descent into the uncharted chaos of human dream, and his subsequent travels through the pages of time, viewing mortality through the eyes of those watchers who scheme and corrupt human souls.  Includes a warning to any who follow after his dreamsteps.
  • Inspired in part by H.P. Lovecraft's epic poem, "Fungi from Yuggoth."
  • Buy the book on Smashwords.com.
Stained Glass Ceiling
  • Recounts the constant struggle between the scars of life and the dreams of hope.