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Ghosts of Serpentariis

Written by

Tarl N. Telford


Soul of Man Septet

I.           Dreamer

II.                      Aldern Gates

III.                   Key to Robiloth

IV.                   Book of Whispers

V.                      Night Beneath Valos

VI.                   Garden of Myconthium

VII.                Tower of Dreams


Sin of Man Septet

VIII.             Storm

IX.                   Angel

X.                      Artifice

XI.                   Alchemy

XII.                Portcullis

XIII.             Nightmare

XIV.             Beast


Memory of Man Septet

XV.                Ophiuchus

XVI.             Space borne

XVII.          EarthWoke

XVIII.       Time

XIX.             Tome of Breathings

XX.                Starlight

XXI.             Traveler


As it was written of old, so shall it be written again …


I.                       Dreamer


When mortal waking thoughts I bear,

No gracious hand to give me care.

When clouds float ‘neath my head in sleep

I am lord o’er all the deep.


In sleepless trance my soul did fly

Above the reaches of the sky.

And further yet my soul did tell

Ascending up thru depths of Hell.


And nightmare’s hold the dawn shall break.

Forbid it follow thee awake.

Such things as dwell in corners dim

A’vex thy soul in humours grim.


For if the nightmare day doth pierce

The warring soul fights hungers fierce.

Waking world consumed by lust

Unquenchable by mortal dust.


The body’s aegis spans the day

While raging ghosts are kept at bay.

At night the mind doth man the helm;

Darkness fights to overwhelm.


·         With warning clash the thunders cry

·         Upon the standard of the sky.

·         What house shall stand in twelve-fold scale?

·         Thirteenth star-felled serpent’s tale.


II.                    Aldern Gates


The fabled shadow at my feet

A gate that Man could ne’er repeat.

To bar the Dreamlands from his thoughts

Lest so entranced his name out-blots.


Aeons old, these Gates of red

Protect the dreaming from the dead.

Yet where the twain shall meet as one

(Dissonant the mortal sum).


Moths cluster on the darkened side

Guardians of carnal pride.

They flit as once-men -  arrogant -

For lives and dreams they grossly spent.


Rising far above my head

The Gates, moth-crusted, stain’d in red

A single symbol, cast in stone.

Enigmatic somniphone.


Cocoon’d in this larval skin

“Gate open wide and let me in.”

What dreamers glimpse beyond thy porch –

Compare a candle to a torch.


Around the gate I twice did walk

Before I saw the ancient frock.

“Gatekeeper, I beseech a boon …

“Unravel me this unknown rune.”


Jester clad in dusted cloak

Long seasons passed before he spoke.

A thousand eyes beneath his cowl

Aflame beyond his lunar howl.


“Betwixt the daylight and the veil

Unfold to me this unwrit tale.

For I desire, like those before

To penetrate this Aldern door.”


The ancients knew the secrets well

That mortal tongue could never tell. 

How man beyond his earthly frame

May free his soul - the price?  His name.


“Scars that bind this will to life

Denizens of waking strife -

Upon thy wings I seek the gate

Where ghosts have died defying fate.”

III.                 Key to Robiloth


All around me surge the seas –

Prophetic quasar fantasies.

Yet man was once no stranger here

With much to gain, and naught to fear.


Black ships alight on cosmic surf

Bear incensed dreams to every earth

And secrets deep the buyer finds

Within the labyrinth’d dreaming mind.


Myriad scenes, the air unfolds

A marketplace, divinely old.

Where one may find whate’er he seeks

From commonplace to most unique.


Five pence or three, thus haggles one;

Shall ne’ermore see the rising sun.

What worth there was in dreams with coin

Cursed seventy-fold when ‘twas purloined.


Countless doorways open wide

And dreamer sees what lies inside -

Vast gates alive with ruby scars

Dripped as rain from countless stars.


Thus opportuned, I turned the key

A whispered dreaming prodigy.

Forever sealed my fate with gold

With lips whose name unwisely told.


IV.                 Book of Whispers


Wheezing cackle rends all space –

The unnamed watcher found a face.

He calls to me to read the page:

Lives of men from every age.


Haunted man - the brooding shade;

What sinful rot thy hands hath made;

The wretched things that will not die

Fated ill their works shall ply.


Yon thund’rous billows filled with eyes

Brazen teeth that cleave the sky

What angels, saints or demons sense

List’ning, laugh at thine expense.


The tome of names he opens wide

My whispers fill the great divide.

What words I kept inside my head

Lie not on page, but as one dead.


Waking, sleeping, singing songs

My words to them as sounding gongs.

Im’pealed o’er nighted cosmic schism

The Book reflects words as a prism.


Alone I read, my words a quill.

Page eternal; I cannot fill.

My Guide has fled to raptured morn.

Returned to life, again earth-born.


Grimoire emblazoned with my name

Flows through my fingers – ash and flame.

All light around fractures thrice;

The air turns crystal, cold as ice.


Divided light from partial truth

All words sharper than hound’s tooth.

Gnashing hiss divides by eight -

Worlds the mind will pontificate.


Of red and violet, yellow, blue,

Orange words descend in view.

More awful whispers come from green -

With hissing eyes they send their Queen.

V.                    Night Beneath Valos


Isolated from all choice

A million hours until my voice

Can cry aloud in lonely pain

Beneath great Valos’ ebon reign.


Yianmibh skies, of deepest green

Constrict my throat – I cannot scream.

Blackened sun above my head

Doth scorch my soul, and I lie dead.


Seven cycles lay I there

Eyes agape in lifeless stare.

White shadows burn beneath my corpse

When life returns, the cosmos warps.


The hallowed day has come and gone.

Queen Night descends, and I, her pawn

Submit again to tortured rest

Whilst grinning shadows seize my breast.


The sands of sin beneath my feet

Black with’ring glare of Dark Star’s heat.

Throne of nails, chains of gold

Do bind this will to nightmare’s hold.


Toad-faced demons grunt and snort

Besetting me with ill report

A frigid hand caressed my cheek

As Queen Penumbra turns to speak.


Quixotic is the human lore

To think we hear when you implore.

‘Tis folly to put trust in Light

For when ‘tis gone -- embrace the Night.


The serpent’s path is one that’s sure.

Canst thou linger? I adjure,

For none that sleep above  the earth

Can match the great World-Serpent’s girth.


Her pallid face sneers close to mine,

To think that thou wert once divine.

Her waxen shoulder draws my lust.

Smiles the alien succubus.


Wise the serpent made them free

Produced the fruit from off the tree.

Did give them but the smallest taste,

And man his own light did erase.


So yet thou thinkest of thyself?

Then place thy knowledge on the shelf,

And enter here the broadened Gate.

My Black garden to illuminate.


VI.                 Garden of Myconthium

Where Cherubim with flaming sword

Should turn each way, a cleptish horde

Doth chitter with a hissing glare

As man intrudes from world of Air.


Twin trees entwine, encircled chains

Beneath a sky that never rains.

What sustenance from earth beneath

But withered wood and ragged leaf.


Yet in the center, dark and tall

Behold the trees, chained to the Fall.

One garden pure, this doth relate

A twisted Eden incarnate.


Before the pool, I bow the knee

And hang my head in blasphemy.

For twice the trees make twice the bloom,

Which bind their fruit to this earth’s doom.


Her garden still, it reeks of rot.

“O deathless tree, bewray the thought

“That mortal man, this worthless worm

“Should eat of thee and knowledge learn.”


**Eat the fruit.

Speak of the book(s) – desires to rule alien skies

Speak the words, and all you wish shall be yours …


Unfettered Queen, unbound by death

With space-cold touch she lifts my breath.

“O Queen,” I beg, “What means this tower

“That glitters at this fateful hour?”


The architects of yon dark vision

Destroy the sky; it is their mission

Where mortal man hath cursed in wrath

To pave with souls the bloody path.


VII.              Tower of Dreams


Beneath the serpent bearer’s weight

The sons of man do ply their fate

Bitumen-slimed, the walls arise -

Barking challenge to the skies.


A monument to carnal power

Besought the builders of that tower

Whose heights ascend to Heaven’s Gate

Whilst kings and priests pontificate.


Brick by brick, they rise like leaven,

Thinking they shall rule the heavens.

The watching constellations glare

To see the Liar’s war declared.


The serpent shall escape the grasp:

And fall to earth, once sky-bound asp;

He whispers of another path,

That rules the heav’ns, and all He hath.


Circle of eyes – circle of watchers.

Crowned 13 angels that escaped the binding of the chains of Tarterus.

These are the black-flame headed somniphim





Thy prayers He hath all but ignored,

Receive your birthright by the sword.

The moon shall now reflect thy fate

As tower’s words throw wide the gate.


VIII.           Storm


**Need more introduction


Immortal eyes shall ne’er descend

Before the mockeries of men.

His wings do churn a mighty brew;

The raging surge man’s ships o’erthrew.


Yet still the serpent drives them on.

His monolithic presence drawn.

He feeds their pain with hooves of fire

Their works to feed th’eternal liar.


Fork’ed blades to cleave the sky

Earth-shaking roars to bruise the eye.

Both King and Asp ignore the rain

They curse the flocks with whips of pain.


Cankered clouds do break apart

Great holes to wither human heart.

Vortex drops with hissing breath

Their works destroyed in jaws of death.


An errant star, now earthbound Prince

Doth tremble as he hears the glimpse - 

Unspoke name the thunders rumble

Smaller towers do shake and crumble.



Churning storm doth shake the globe --

Seven servants bear the robe

Of him who slayeth worlds in sin

The thunders shout to let him in.


Four faces grow corporeal -

Death of worlds immemorial

Now called for man a debt to reckon;

Afar the brutal serpents beckon.


The four-faced form, so thund’rings swear

An awful task this one doth bear.

The burning name this Angel’s calling

To smite the stripes of man’s own folly.


Four lightning swords held in his hands

Most feared among the Starry Band.

No earthly force may call him kin,

Forestallment earn, nor favor win.


His purpose is but one alone --

To cleanse the filth from Holy Throne.

And footstool raze, an incensed pyre;

That purifies the world with fire.


Destroy our world, destroy our craft

Pierce us with the polished shaft.

Our works continue in the dark.

Destroy us all, yet miss the mark.


Embodied eyes which turn each way

His simple duty he obeys --

The sky now stone, it burns with hail;

Rends in twain this firmament’s veil.


IX.                 Artifice [ Giant’s Causeway ]


Giants burn in twisting flames

Howling curse’d serpents’ names.

Shadows wickedly conspire

Their progeny consumed by fire.


Created works, created worlds

Demonic banner now unfurled.

Their hands the misshaped beasts do form

To face the ripe insurgent storm.


Gnashing teeth and wicked eyes

Sun’s golden light they do despise.

Of dream and pow’r these things are born

Whose grating hiss doth chill the morn.


Men and beast combined as one –

Chimerae rage ‘neath blazing sun.

Smaller men dare not engage

The Somniphimic Cryptophage.


All flesh corrupted – fallen soil.

Unworthy blood and rancid oil.

Impure water – wormwood’s blight.

Fallen Ones arise in might.


The secret combination boasts

That they shall rule the uttermost:

Legions of the Northern Side.

Bloat themselves with misplaced pride.


The giant’s doom – their flesh, their seed –

This Garden choking, noxious weed

Despised above, ensconced below.

Burning rain, now ashen snow.


Steps which these must surely walk

Descending deep thru tombs of rock.

Gehenna holds but little hope

For torment reigns this Gaoler’s Rope.


Pillars of Knowledge


Omnipresent cosmic law

Expose the base, demonic flaw –

Life exists in time and space

To propagate th’eternal race.


Creation is the sacred rite

Of Him who knoweth Truth and Light.

Interlopers works do bring

Of twining serpents soulless things.


Song unheard by angry ears

Cannot still the rising fear

That darkest oaths must surely fail

Beneath the onslaught of the whales.


For no celestial realm is near

The elemental chaos sphere –

Sea in which the planets birth –

Once primordial womb of earth.


Walks alone this forlorn man

No woman near, but misplaced plan.

Beneath sin’s weight, no humble bow,

But hoists the Serpent; bears it now.


Mortal curse is to embrace

The enemy of soul-filled race,

But turn away from unclean gifts

Else from the light thy soul doth rift.


Eyes of stone return the glare

Of darkling lord who isn’t there.

Escaped the wrath to disappear

And rise in some ill-fated year.


The path above it screams and scars

A bloody highway ‘mongst the stars.

Ascending to a blazing world

Where souled ones pass through Gates of Pearl.




X.                    Alchemy


Purple-stained controlling mark

Shall watch thy sleeping; eyes in dark

Reflect the angry, echoed scream

That waits for thee in lands of dream.


When slovens do confound thy path,

Condemn the mark of Ebolath.

For writhing flesh shall thee impugn

To curse the rising onyx moon.


Table’d corpses turn to stare -

Alchemy from world of air.

Rise, thou misbegotten host

Walk as man, take up thy ghost.


Ghost shall not embrace the flesh

Chains of earth form netted mesh

Created bodies rise and wake;

No souls within, no law to break.


What price my filthy hands have bought

But death - from this foul demon wrought

Of castoff things from man’s own hands;

Ris’n shadows in living lands.


Their jaws now move, the corpses live

Recombinant ensorcelled skiv.

With knitted bone and ghastly eye –

Arose once-felled homunculi!


Earth’s rib thrusting up from soil

Signature of mortal spoil.

Sword blades canker, ancient rust,

As face appears within the dust.



Queen extracts the bony fork

Within my soul, tuned by her works.

A crown of power, donned by the queror –

Things you see are but a mirror.


The soul within you burns and begs

For more than life’s repugnant dregs.

The chalice filled beyond your reach …

You turned to me to find a breach.


The books of yore you oft devoured

A dark desire in you empowered.

What saw you not with mortal eyes?

… For this you would destroy the sky?


Behold, now see, the deed is done –

The bloody scar, no rising sun.

The darkness drips like melting rain

Within your sky inside your pain.


The plan I see from in the dark.

Creation wave imbues the spark.

Effectual motion through his days

Man may part the cosmic haze.


Wisdom’s path arises steep

Above the confines of the deep.

Fishes mouth below gapes wide –

An unknown gate – I step inside.



Penumbra’s shadow veil drops

The worlds, N’turning, rashly stop.

In their cracks I see the place –

A prison for Undreaming Race.


Eternal stain propels me in;

To search for what?  More blacker sin?

Clutching hands around my voice

Entrap me in the swelling noise.


Outside the gate the worlds revolve.

Enshackling sin does not absolve

These wretched ghosts from lives they led

The minds they crushed or hearts they bled.


Behind these iron bars I view

Nations lost in deathless brew.

Mists hang o’er their writhing forms

Entortured by life’s sin-bound worms.


Entrapped, the crying screaming horde

Beseech a One to whom call lord.

To bridge the pit they cannot cross

And grasp at life – vehement loss.


Ghost coins clutch’d by the lost

Will not beset the fearful cost

Of pits and brimstone’s (fearful) fire,

And soulless things that grunt and gwire.


Defiantly I raise my head

To stare upon the ranks of dead

Unwav’ring in their rancid bliss

And lust for life as leech’s kiss.



Raise the gate to escape the nightmare



When the worlds screech to a halt for the dreamer, the cracks in dreamspace appear and the gates to the realm of the Undreaming appear.  If the dreamer has darkness gnawing at their soul, they are inorexibly drawn into the games, after which they are seized by the gnashing horde of those who cannot rest.  They are plagued by the deeds of their lives.  They have no respite in sleep.  They cannot dream. They cannot imagine.  They simply are.  Monsters with memories and not future; no present;  only the horrid past with them every moment.  They are trapped between time.  The way out is to fall out of the horde and break out of the Stillness Gate back into the moving spheres.



This man, uncertain, lost to time

Must dwell among this awful slime





My nightmares left the seas of yore

To crawl upon Plutonian Shore

And writhe in somnificient glee

As mortal hand doth turn the key.


To cleave in twain the chaos bare

An open gate - one soul’s the fare.

In blackest hordes the sea swells surge;

A mortal’s candlelight to purge.


Searing, oozing laceration –

Outflowing babbling conflagration.

Churning, howling Blackened Tide

Shall saturate the soul’s divide.


With life must come the sudden end

When man and time no more be friends.

For thus entangled, time desists

Chilling those once-beating wrists.


Hands that grasp at formless face

The darkness arms must now embrace.

Beleaguered dreams he now holds dear

Unfathomed from his fallen sphere.


Gripping tight the shattered breath

The silent corpse doth bow in death.

Soul’s emblossomed, desperate prayer

Arising to meet the Lord of Air.


**nightmares rip through the fabric of space to flood into the dreamlands.


Penumbra laughs to see this fear.

Kaleidoscopic fire; she disappears.

In glittering black the eyes coalesce

And leave me scorched in wilderness.


**with the world drowning in darkness beneath him, the wicked nightmares scoop up the dreamer and race across the aeons to Aldebaran


As talons rip their prey apart

So shadows rend my thund’ring heart

And carry me on wings of night

To Aldebaran’s burnished light.


Raugh-Nalaxus called them home –

Awful things of slime and bone

Which grasp me tight in rubbery paws

And click amusement in their jaws.


The Crystal Sea-imprisoned beast

Unsated hunger, mirthless feast.

Portentous in the deepest earth

Knowing full the dreamer’s worth.


Convoluted the pathway lies

Through years in rending of the skies

He carries me on wings of Heaven

To the Serpent Star, the Unforgiven.


Dropped on obsidian sands that rim the Crystal Seas.

Angel snatches from beast’s jaws in the final instant.


Night Gaunts with pachycephalasaurus head/skull.  Rubbery fingers.



Safe Am I?  The question rings,

Echoing as crystal sings.

Obsidian sands hide ancient shells

Exhume’d by the crashing swells.


Fossil serpents meet my eyes –

Deep wounds I cannot cauterize.

Hissing bones which drive me East

Into the Shadow of the Beast.


Serpentariis distant glow

My sleeping eyes shall endless know.

The veil of dreams o’er Night’s sharp face

Obscures my thoughts with ghosting lace.


In crypt-ish skin my soul hath lain

Embodied with bereav’ed pain,

Now free to wander ‘midst the spheres

With Dythkhaan’s scholars to revere.


To cave ‘neath crystal shifting sands

Darkling-clad obsidian lands.

What ruse to quell the beating chest

As slith-ring dragon walls its nest.


Treasures from a thousand worlds:

Golden chests o’erflow with pearls,

Scrolls that lay the mysteries bare –

Dythkhaan’s once-forgotten heir.


Dragon feasts before my eyes

On words I must not recognize,

Shorn with silver, spun with gold

A Darkling Prince I do behold.


Endlessly debating now

Babbling heads above me bow,

Importuning heaven’s bride

 For language unscarimnified.


Heaven’s Bride is a powerful comet.  When the comet passes it brings great prophetic dreams to the scholars and seers of Dythkhaan – a prime city near the Ophiuchus Pseudomatrix.


N’ternal lords o’ershadow hovels

Where ancient slaves now humbly grovel,

Wailing in the pungent air,

‘neath Serpentariis’ baneful glare.


Need more description of the hooded host.  How do the rulers react to the comet?


With ghosting lace across the sky,

Heaven’s Bride profoundly flies,

And brings the dreams of countless WORLDS.

To those with eyes, the Scroll unfurls.

XI.                 Spaceborne


Constellations bow their heads

In solemn, creeping, wretched dread.

What dwellest ‘tween the night and morn?

Cristobal named the dark-things ‘Skornn’.


What emptiness the span above

Bereft of all - e’en light of love.

All pow’rs of dark do flee away

Where Heav’ns radiant beams bear sway.


**Cold Wind blows where void replaces corruption.  A vacuum cannot exist in-soul.

Heaven’s Bride

Cold Wind

Doors between minds

Skornn passed through unprotected gates and ruined the Lorcai.


Bony talons rend the veil

And mortal shrieker cries, death-pale.

Fortean beasts from nameless hell,

“Where Skornn destroyed, the Lorcai dwelled.”


Icy breath of deepest space

Souls unembodied must erase

Their tenuous lines to mortal sin

By power Aeonic named Cold Wind.


XII.              EarthWoke


Awakened by the pain of death,

My aching chest now fills with breath.

A pillow ‘neath my pounding head -

A tombstone on my earth-bound bed.


A dream. A gasp of moon’s rare mist

Attempt to clutch with shaking fist.

As mem’ry fades, the ache of loss

Exacts from heart the dreadful cost.


Awake! What joy I should now feel

Amidst this mortal world, once real.

But real, for me, this life now pales,

For I have glimpsed beyond the veil.


A dream, indeed, this vision scars

My soul within like iron bars

That castigate the guilty sins,

To separate blind justice whims.


Awake! But loss cannot off-shrug

The worlds I drown in brew-filled mug.

I walk among the face-hid here

And see beyond what they appear.


What world outside, could hardly care

That just beneath their glorious hair

Such things arise, t’would shame a priest

Yet repent them not; not in the least.


Ichor stains my waking views

That follow man to pulse and ooze.

Unspoke their dreams, if dreams they be,

That rot their souls in blasphemy.


Demonic blobs with cloven feet

O’er shadow walkers in yon street.

A river of invernal shame

Grotesqueries of ghostish flame.


Plasm flows where e’er I see –

A vast corrupting congeries,

Though seen by none, embraced by all,

Phantom fruit, and whispered Fall.


Strange blobs of juxtaplasm follow

The waking realms of lighted tallow.

Insane-ness follows blemished sight

When flickers, dies, the mortal light.


Around me now, I clutch the dream –

Grimoires and Books my silent scream.

Fine jewels they pile in mocking columns;

Tribute paid by space-borne golems.


The prize my blood hat truly bought

Frozen red falls drop by drop.

Crystal echoes, rubies fall;

Hourglass my life recalls.

XIII.           Time


Sparkling ruby hourglass

Doth whisper once, Thy time is past.

Fortune-clad, thy questions quell.

Await Azhumel’s silver bell.


Whispers still the subtil fiend,

Awake thou fool, yet still I dreamed.

Ticking slows the timeless clock.

Once-starbound ships now berth’d in dock.


The stilling hands on soon-dark’d face,

Tho’ time, encircling, shan’t erase

That which tunnels into sleeping form

Through which all actions shall be born.


In which do crawl the raving beasts

Which haunt the greatest to the least.

And breathe out threat’nings in the night,

Naught remembered, still they bite.


Shutters torn and drape’ries ripped

Between the starless winds they slipped

To harvest one endreaming fool

Forgat his name – defied the rule.


As morning’s King horizon greets

A silver pealing wakes the streets.

Bestirs not one who lies forlorn:

A willing victim of the Skornn.


The venom’d tongue I know too well.

It drew me once through pits of hell.

Sweetly whispers lightning’s glare,

Thy trip’s complete; now pay thy fare.


A stinging dampness stilled my breath.

What off’ring spilled for graceless death.

Awake no more, thy ghost is gone.

So passed unheard the ringing dawn.


XIV.           Tome of Breathings


Now stilled at last, my trembling hand,

I write to thee, thou dreaming man,

Who journeys far in worlds unknown,

Seeking still the night’d throne.


Whoso deign embark to realms unmapped --

Beware the Gate, for there entrapped

Awaits a gatesman, old and gaunt

His eyes still-burning with his want.


Alms for knowledge, pay the price.

For what man will not sacrifice?

A simple token, that’s the game.

Once lost, forgotten, is thy name.


His words, in whispers, he implores

Beyond that Gate, you must explore.

A withered hand, he’ll take you there -

Oath unwritten, priceless fare.


He speaks of trees, with leaves of gold,

And hidden knowledge, worlds untold.

With fruit more sweet than mortal life -

Is bondage to a Queenly wife.


He’ll breathe such things as joy and pain,

For what’s the sunshine without rain?

Or moonlight without darkest void,

Thus, knowing, life is most enjoyed.


Yet devious the wicked ploy

That man, both fruits he might enjoy.

So, fraudulent, he lies and schemes

And reaps the East Wind while he dreams.


The pages of this book are lost.

Thru travels of a timeless cost.

What words were sealed,were writ indeed

To warn the dreamer of his greed.






XV.              Starlight


Azhumel’s Bell, the ringing peal

Through countless voids and walls of steel,

Awakes the host of Freedom’s song

Eternal joys rebirthed each dawn.


Decry not prophets: words not waste.

Ascend the heights of time and space.

Embrace their words till thou ensure

Thy heart’s a’right, thy mind is pure.


The holy words bear warnings stern

That darkness man must never learn.

For what’s within – much dark enough

To bloody soul with fisticuffs.


So heed them well, these seers of old.

Forsake not truth for dreams of gold.




For man need not repent the day

When bathed beneath the healing ray.

Nor cry aloud for thoughts of sin,

When ‘tis expunged -- all’s right within.


Swords and flames and pitch’ed forks

Sha’nt quell the tumult of their works.

Nor all the Captains, with their might

May match the safety of starlight.


Beware, O Man, of just one peek

Of Queen Penumbra’s pale cheek.

A cheek, an eye, and curving lips –

So enraptured, thy doorway slips.


In thou tumblest, SHATTERFALLS.

Doorway gone, the temptress calls.

No way out and no way back.

Swim in those eyes of deepest black.


XVI.           Traveller


Welcome, traveler, to the dark

Beneath thy lost  soul’s truest mark.

Journey to that knowledge lost?

Stands here the gate, but what the cost?


A traveler once, I knew the worlds

Which scintillate as onyx pearls.

Yet dreams may flitter as the moth

That guards the Gate of Robiloth.


But thou didst venture through the night

An aegis -  mortal’s candlelight

Bound and guarded as yon Gate,

Yet, thy robes prove thou art profligate..


Gaze in wonder at the span

Which rose beyond the heights of Man.

To conquer worlds with mighty horn.

Now Aldern Gates begin thy morn.


All around there lies the waste

Of that great King who dared a taste -

That fruit forbade - defiant plan

His name forgot by sons of Man.


What’s thy name? A paltry sum,

Commensurate when thou become

King of all great treasures lost.

In knowledge shalt recoup the cost.


The blackness ‘neath these blinded orbs

More light of Heav’n shall ne’er absorb.

And I shall long through endless days

For safety - starlight’s holy rays.


A name, a coin, an uttered oath,

Creeping knowledge, bitter growth.

The Gates are thine, thou callow youth

Forgot thyself pursuing truth.


Now I shall flutter as the dream,

A nightmare’s awful, rending scream.

Forgat my life, by all who breathe --

A reckless blade, I cannot sheathe.


No angel voice to guide me back

From endless night, eternal black.

Unwoven thread from destined loom

Witness to this Weaver’s doom.


With dusted wings, he smote the void.

His final work while thus employed.

A single spark, the ashes fall.

Beyond the Gate – a beck’ning call.


Worlds beyond Dream await thy gaze,

Absorbed within th’eternal blaze.

When all the words are said and done

The blinding end most sure will come …