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"The Life of Glinda", The Witch Queens (part 1 of 6)

This adaptation of The Witch Queens novel comprises chapters 1-5.

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The Hidden History of Oz

Book One: The Witch Queens

Issue One: The Life of Glinda

Written by Tarl Telford

 Copyright Tarl Telford (2012), All rights reserved

Plot for issue # 1

Title: The Life of Glinda

This issue contains events found in chapters 1-5 of The Witch Queens novel.


Glinda is the daughter of a sorceress-queen in the north lands of Oz. She lives a charmed life, but she feels like a slave. Today is the day of the Abracadabra Bazaar, an extraordinary gathering of exotic people and magic from all over the land. Glinda is making her hair perfectly wild in order to drive her controlling mother, Gayelette, crazy. Her mother shows up too soon and causes conflict. Glinda goes to the Abracadabra Bazaar anyway, and runs into a wicked witch, Kalinya. Gayelette finds Glinda and reprimands her for her disobedience. Glinda runs away. She learns too late that her mother planned to take her as an apprentice, and she misses her opportunity for recognition in front of the entire land.

Meanwhile, the wicked witches are scheming to get inside the Ruby Palace and get the secrets of power that Gayelette keeps. Mombi creates a disguise. Kalinya and Mombi head toward Glinda’s tower to complete the disguise.

At Glinda’s tower, her father, Quelala, reveals a secret that he has been keeping from his wife—he is friends with the Winged Monkeys.


Glinda, Gayelette, Quelala, Mr. Smith, Mr. Tinker, Kalinya, Ondri-baba, Mombi (as beautiful witch, old crone, disguised witch), Locasta, King Klick, Sandy Servant, Extras, Winged Monkey extras (Brutus, Beriyel)


Glinda’s tower – exterior and interior, Ruby Palace – exterior, Abracadabra Bazaar, Outdoor stage, Gillikin Elders Council Chamber – interior and exterior, Riverbank, Cornfield with fence, Riverside road, Path near river, Sparkwood Forest


Reference material can be found in the Hidden History of Oz bible.


Each major scene has one or more pages. Each page is broken up by Overview, Panel breakdown, and Story.


Gives the feeling and primary action of the page. This contains instructions from the writer to the artist to evoke mood and detail important components on the page.

Panel breakdown

Lists the action important for each panel.

The Life of Glinda

Page 1


Establishing shot of Glinda’s tower in the north lands of the Land of Oz. This is the first introduction to the visual style that will guide this book. In this establishing shot, we see Glinda’s tower and the distant Ruby Palace. Twisting clouds float decoratively in the sky, twisting and turning like magical glyphs.

This beautiful land and kingdom contrasts greatly with Glinda’s description of her life. She feels like she is a slave because of the rules she has to follow. She lists the rules. She only has one day of freedom each year, and that comes today, at the Abracadabra Bazaar. She is brushing her hair just wild enough to drive her mother crazy.

Note: Glinda bemoans her teenage fate. She is teasing her hair to irritate her mother. The Abracadabra Bazaar is today, which happens just once a year. Today there will be boys, and witches, and everyone will see my hair. All at the Abracadabra Bazaar. (lead in to next page)

Zoom in from the establishing shot to see Glinda in her tower in front of her mirror, teasing and brushing out her hair.


3 panels

This page serves as the introduction to Glinda’s tower. This is where Glinda spends most of her time reading and bemoaning her teenage fate.

Panel 1

Tower overlooks the distant Ruby Palace. Window near the top of tower faces the Ruby Palace. The tower feels like it is slowly collapsing in on itself. Sides are bowing inward. It is comfortable, but it just doesn’t fit the need anymore. It is not run down or falling apart, just a symbol of a former age.

All dialogue is in text boxes for this page.

Text 1 (fancy, establishing information): Land of Oz, Gillikin Country, 1852 (or 48 years before Dorothy Gale comes to the Emerald City).

Text 2: Gillikin Country, in the North, is ruled by the Ruby Sorceress.

Text 3: In all the Land of Oz, only two have red hair—the Sorceress.

Panel 2

Zoom in on tower window. Silhouette of a 15-year old red-haired girl, GLINDA, as she brushes through her hair. She teases it so that her hair is wild.

Text 1: And her daughter, Glinda—who is having a bad hair day.

Text 2: Or, rather, her hair is having a good day, while Glinda is being bad.

Panel 3

Inside room. Glinda sits at her vanity in front of the mirror. She is alone in the room. This is important, as it foreshadows the story. Bookshelves with books everywhere. Her bed is made, but it is disheveled (messy) from laying on it while reading her books. Glinda wears her green gown.

Text 1: Glinda’s mother gave two assignments today—wear the white dress, and make sure your hair is straight.

Text 2: This tower is Glinda’s prison—the door is unlocked, and she can leave anytime she wants.

Text 3: But her life binds her to this place as surely as shackles.

Page 2


Glinda lives a pampered life, but she feels like she is bound in shackles. She feels like a slave in her perfect life. She wants a life of romantic adventure, like the stories she reads. Her books have a prominent place in her life, and they show here – well-used and loved.

This sets up the coming conflict that Glinda has with her mother, Gayelette.


4 panels

Panel 1

Establishing GLINDA in front of the mirror. We see her freckled face, blue eyes, and red hair. She wears a fine green gown. This has embroidery on the bodice, laces on the sleeves and on the lower half of the skirt (from knees down to the hem), and gold lining around the collar and cuffs.

Dialogue 1 (Glinda): Still no white dress. But this hair is perfect enough to drive mother crazy.

Panel 2

Glinda’s hand puts down the brush.

Panel 3

Front shot of Glinda reaching up and teasing her hair to make it fuller. The room is empty of other people. The door is closed.

Text 1: Only two hours left until the Abracadabra Bazaar.

Text 2: And I make my grand appearance. Won’t mother be—?

Panel 4

Glinda’s face in the mirror. Beside her, and behind her, another red-haired woman’s face appears. These blue eyes are darker and angrier. This is GAYELETTE, Glinda’s mother.

Text 1: …surprised?

Dialogue 1 (Glinda): MOTHER?

Page 3


Glinda is strong-willed and has strong ambitions to find adventure and to be her own person. This brings her into direct conflict with her mother, Gayelette, who has her own plans for Glinda. The fierce battle that goes on in the eyes of these two powerful red-haired females is the primary focus of this page.

§        Gayelette tells Glinda to straighten her messy hair. She is expected to be presentable at the bazaar. There are certain expectations for the daughter of a sorceress. There is little time, and then everything will make sense.

§       Glinda says, “It could make sense right now, if you’d tell me.”

§       Gayelette responds, “You are expected to do as you are told. The answers will come when it is time.”


Panel 1—splash

Glinda turns halfway around on her stool. Her shocked expression contains surprise, fear, and a little bit of anger. She was not expecting to see her mother before the bazaar.

The door is still closed. Gayelette wears the Silver Slippers.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): I specifically requested you straighten your hair.

Dialogue 2 (Glinda): But, Mother—I want to choose for myself today. It’s only once a year.

Dialogue 3 (Gayelette): There are certain expectations made of you as the daughter of a sorceress. You, Glinda, are a princess, and heir to the Ruby Palace. There is little time. Do as you are told, and then everything will make sense.

Dialogue 4 (Glinda): It could all make sense now, if you’d tell me.

Page 4


Glinda and Gayelette argue about her hair and her gown. Glinda doesn’t understand her mother’s insistence on absolute conformity today. Glinda wants to be her own person and have people see her for how she is, not how her mother wants her to be. Gayelette demands obedience. Today is too important to waste on childish tantrums. Gayelette tells Glinda that she has great power, and she is like a dream that turns into reality. Glinda gets very angry at this and declares that she is not a dream – she is real.

Gayelette leaves with the order to obey and be dressed in the forthcoming white gown and straighten your hair.

Glinda gets very angry after her mother disappears (teleports away) through the power of the Silver Slippers.


6 panels. 2 panels on top. Long middle panel across page. 3 bottom panels.


Panel 1

Gayelette is angry at Glinda’s hair. This is funny to Glinda. Glinda refuses to straighten her hair. Then she will look just like Gayelette. Exactly.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): Your hair is completely preposterous. Straighten it.

Dialogue 2 (Glinda): But then I will look exactly like you.

Dialogue 3 (Gayelette): Yes.

Panel 2

Gayelette declares that Glinda’s white gown will be delivered shortly. She is expected to wear it for her appearance at the Abracadabra Bazaar. Glinda pouts in the background.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): Your white gown will be delivered shortly. Wear it.

Panel 3 – long panel across page

The Silver Slippers take one, two, three steps, and Gayelette disappears.

Text 1: The magic of the Silver Slippers is to take my mother exactly where I don’t want her to be in three steps.

Text 2: Luckily it works the other way, too. Three steps and she is gone.

FX: Pop!

Panel 4

Thrown brush smacks against the door. Glinda screams angrily off-panel.

Dialogue (Glinda, off-screen, screaming): I hate you!

Panel 5

Door. Same as last panel.

Text 1: One hour later.

FX: Knock, knock

Dialogue 1 (from behind door): Your gown, princess.

Panel 6

Glinda holds up the beautiful white gown in front of her. One arm is out, holding the sleeve. The other hand holds the dress to her body (in front of the green dress. It is important to see that this white gown has a specific embroidered gold Celtic pattern on it. The gown will be used later in this issue, and later in the story.

Dialogue 1 (Glinda): A princess should look the part.

Dialogue 2 (Glinda, quoting): “You are my daughter, and you are expected to look every inch a princess. You don’t have a choice in what you are.”

Dialogue 3 (Glinda): She’s right. There are expectations. I don’t have a choice in what I am.

Dialogue 4 (Glinda): But I do have a choice in who I am.

Text 1: And so Glinda left her tower (her prison) to face the Abracadabra Bazaar on her own terms.

Abracadabra Bazaar

Page 5


All year Glinda has been waiting for this day. She is growing up and she is looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful sights and attractions from across the Land of Oz today. She is also looking forward to seeing the boys from different parts of the land. Everyone here knows who she is and wants nothing to do with the daughter of the queen sorceress.

This page is an overview of Glinda’s entrance into the Abracadabra Bazaar and her thoughts going into it.


3 panels, one large establishing shot of Abracadabra Bazaar, and two smaller panels.

Panel 1 – large

Glinda overlooks the bazaar. Flowers at her feet. She is wearing her green gown. The Abracadabra Bazaar is flowing with people. The road is packed to come to the bazaar. Tents everywhere. Maypole. A feeling of a fun celebration.

Glinda wears her green dress and her hair is still wild.

Text 1: Once a year the Abracadabra Bazaar comes to the North. It brings exotic magic and wares from all over the land.

Text 2: People from across the Land of Oz gather in a spirit of excitement and revelry.

Panel 2

Glinda passes through the wooden gates.

Text 1: Wonderful sights and sounds greeted the rebellious princess as she entered the bazaar.

Panel 3

Glinda walks by food vendors. Good smells waft everywhere.

Text 1: Foods from many lands tantalize and tempt. So many foods, so few fingers.

Page 6


Glinda walking through the Abracadabra Bazaar.

This is a world of wonder. But this is real life, not in her books. Glinda takes in all of the sights and smells. This event only comes once a year, and she is loving it.

Then, like a bucket of cold water dumped on her good time, she bumps into the Wicked Witch, Kalinya.


4 panels

Panel 1 – large

Glinda walks among tents and smells and hears wonderful things. She sees a group of young men her own age looking at her. Text boxes will give the story of her thoughts.

Text 1: Free at last! This is even better than in the books!

Text 2: Hair is perfect and dress is mine. When mother catches me, she’ll—

Text 3: Boys!

Text 4: They’re looking at me—right at me. And they’re smiling—at me.

Panel 2

Glinda smiles as she sees the boys looking at her. She looks back over her shoulder at them.

Text 1: Out and on my own in the greatest place in the Land of Oz. My hair, my dress, my life. Could this day get any more perfect?

Panel 3

Glinda is not paying attention to where she is going. She trips and bumps into a taller woman in an electric blue and black dress.

FX: Ooof!

Text 1: Nope. Apparently not.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): Get off me, you clumsy urchin!

Panel 4

The woman whirls her head around to glare at the shorter girl.

The taller woman is KALINYA, the Wicked Witch. Text boxes give Glinda’s thoughts and her recognizing the identity of this woman.

Text 1: This day just went from clumsy and embarrassing to the end of the world.

Text 2: Kalinya, the Wicked Witch. My mother’s sworn rival.

Text 3: She’s going to kill me for sure.

Text 4: Probably throw me into the sky.

Page 7


Kalinya is like a poisonous serpent sliding around Glinda. Then the true power shows up – Gayelette. This is both a relief and an embarrassment for Glinda. She didn’t want to feel threatened by Kalinya anymore, but she doesn’t like to be rescued by her mother.

Gayelette appears and threatens Kalinya

Kalinya leaves


7 panels

Panel 1

Kalinya smiles a wicked smile as she recognizes Glinda.

Text 1: Could this day get any worse?

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): Glinda, child. What a pleasant surprise. Love your hair. Very feral.

Text 2: She’s being nice to me. Much worse.

Panel 2

Glinda backs up. She touches her hand to her throat as Kalinya leans in toward her.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): Where are you going? Lost your mother? You are her little shadow, aren’t you?

Dialogue 2 (Kalinya): Her little puppet.

Dialogue 3 (Glinda): I am not a puppet!

Panel 3

Glinda stands stone still as Kalinya walks around behind her, leaning in toward her ear to promise power, if only you were my apprentice.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): Are you trying to convince me? Or yourself?

Dialogue 2 (Kalinya): What secrets has she hidden away inside your head?

Text 1: Keep it in control, Glinda. She’s wicked. She wants you to say something wrong. Just don’t say anything and she’ll go away.

Panel 4

Kalinya starts in on questions about the Ruby Palace and what Gayelette does in there.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): Has your mother taken you as her apprentice yet? Taken you inside the mysterious Ruby Palace? What does she do in there? Just how does she keep her skin so young?

Dialogue 2 (Kalinya): No? Now if you were my apprentice, I wouldn’t keep you in the shadows. I would—

Text 1: Don’t scream, Glinda. Just don’t scream. Don’t cry. Don’t break.

Panel 5

Voice from off-screen makes Kalinya jump back in surprise.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): KALINYA!!!

Panel 6

Reveal of Gayelette in her full power. She is both a powerful sorceress and an angry mother right now. Kalinya is her enemy, threatening her child. Gayelette’s blue eyes blaze fire.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): I warned you to stay away from my daughter.

Dialogue 2 (Kalinya): I was merely telling Glinda that if she was mine—

Dialogue 3 (Gayelette): She is NOT.

Dialogue 4 (Kalinya): —I would not keep her hidden away.

Panel 7

Kalinya leaves, but she casts a smirk back over her shoulder as she goes.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): And you call me wicked?

Dialogue 2 (Kalinya): Glinda, dear, love the hair.

Page 8


Now that Kalinya is gone, Gayelette actually acts like a mother to Glinda. She tells her about the witches in the Convocation. Glinda has never really paid attention before. She was always more interested in the artists and the games and dancing than in the political contest of wills between the Witches. Glinda is happy to have her mother talk to her, then it all comes crashing down – Gayelette starts giving orders again. She orders Glinda to come back to her tower and change into the white gown. Gayelette grabs Glinda’s arm and takes three steps, but Glinda pulls away.


8 panels

Panel 1

Gayelette is concerned about Glinda and asks if she is OK. Glinda looks a little bit embarrassed and pulls away from her mother’s touch. Glinda’s body position is brushing her hair behind her hear, elbows pointing in. Knees are close together. She is visually pulling away from her mother.

Glinda says that she was doing fine. Nothing happened.

Gayelette is relieved that nothing happened. She explains the powers of the witches that are here at the bazaar.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): Are you all right?

Text 1: Saved. But is that a good thing?

Dialogue 2 (Glinda): I was doing fine. Nothing happened.

Dialogue 3 (Gayelette): You must be careful around the Wicked Witches. All of them are here today. Good and Wicked, all mixed together here.


Note: The following panels display each of the witches here at the bazaar and the powers that they have. Full-body view of each witch. Text boxes as Gayelette explains their powers and brief history to Glinda.

Panel 2

Mombi. She is perhaps the most trustworthy of the Wicked Witches. Though the easiest way to trust her is not to trust her at all. She knows transformation magic. She can change small things’ shapes. She is also a master of changing her appearance – her hair color, eyes, skin. When she is around, you can never be quite sure who she is. Even so, she is the prettiest of the witches, except for me, of course.

Panel 3

Kalinya. The clever one—too clever for her own good. Always a scheme in her head to get more power. She rules the East, where the Munchkins live. Her powers are telekinetic. She can lift and throw things with magic without touching them. She has thrown many people into the sky. Some of them have lived to tell the tale. Others have not.

Panel 4

Locasta. A poor Munchkin girl that became Kalinya’s servant. She is probably going to be called as an apprentice during the Convocation of Witches. But there is a more important announcement. She wears an Oracular Hat. Beyond that, I cannot say much of what she can do. She is a quiet girl. She keeps to the shadows. I think Kalinya has broken her.

Panel 5

Ondri-baba. Kalinya’s unfortunate younger sister. She is cruel and determined. And she can make things turn invisible. What she lacks in cleverness or beauty she more than makes up for in determination. She’s the one eyed witch that you’ve been hearing about. The magic eye was a gift to her from the Queen of Dreams. I’m going to make an appointment with her soon to study that magic eye. Fascinating.

Panel 6

Sonadia. She comes from the South, where the hot winds blow. Her weather magic has saved many lands from drought. You remember her. She came seven years ago. She taught us how to make clouds.

Panel 7

Full body shot of Gayelette. Glinda stands beside her.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): Then there is me.

Dialogue 2 (Glinda): But you’re not a witch.

Dialogue 3 (Gayelette): That’s right. I’m a sorceress. There is a big difference. I make things through my research. The witches just fling magic around like it was dead cats.

Dialogue 4 (Gayelette): You can’t trust a person who uses magic like that without the effort of study. It takes discipline to be a sorceress. Remember that, Glinda.

Panel 8

Back on Glinda. She looks a little bit uncomfortable as her mother adds her name to this list of powerful women.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette, off-screen): Then there is you, Glinda. You are going to take your place among these ranks very soon. Be mindful of their powers. Even if they have not put in the study of sorcery, they are still very powerful.

Page 9


Glinda pulls away from Gayelette’s magical steps (using the Silver Slippers to teleport), which puts Gayelette off balance. In the time it takes Gayelette to turn around and look for Glinda, the girl has disappeared. Amid the tents, Gayelette calls out for Glinda. She looks up at the sun and sees that there is not enough time to do everything. Gayelette takes three steps and disappears.

Inset panels showing Gayelette’s face shifting from anger to worry to frustration to determination to make her daughter behave.

Glinda pulls away

Gayelette off-balance

Gayelette can’t find Glinda and runs out of time


8 panels

Panel 1

Gayelette looks down into her daughter’s eyes.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): You are just approaching your introduction into power. They want what is inside your head.

Dialogue 2 (Glinda): Why? I only read stories. There’s nothing else to do up in the tower.

Dialogue 3 (Gayelette): Your head holds my secrets. I put them there, to keep them safe

Panel 2

On Glinda.

Text 1: At least she’s talking to me, not barking orders.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette, off-screen): You are going to be a powerful sorceress Glinda. Even if you do blatantly disobey me—

Text 2: Too good to last. Here it comes.

Dialogue 2 (Gayelette, off-screen):—by your uncouth hairstyle and the wrong gown.

Text 3: Your commands, Mother?

Dialogue 3 (Gayelette, off-screen): You need to comb down your hair and change. Come with me.

Panel 3

Gayelette takes Glinda by the arm. Glinda starts to pull away.

Text 1: Not this time. I am not a child.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): We still have time to get your white gown and fix your hair.

Panel 4

Gayelette takes one, two…steps, starting to phase out into teleport mode, and she suddenly stumbles halfway, losing her balance.

Dialogue 1 (Glinda, off-screen): No. I’m not going with you. I am not you.

Panel 5

Gayelette turns around to look for Glinda, but she cannot find her. Glinda is gone.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): Glinda?

Panel 6

Gayelette looks small as she stands by the tents. Gayelette calls out for Glinda, but there is no answer.

Dialogue 1 (Gaylette): Glinda. Come here—this instant. Glinda!

Panel 7

Glinda hides in the shadows inside a tent. She hears her mother calling for her. Glinda’s eyes are sad and hurt. Even though she hears her mother’s voice, she will not go out. She is determined to be her own person today.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette, off-screen): Glinda, please.

Text 1: She has never asked me please before.

Text 2: Maybe…

Panel 8

Glinda peeks out from beneath the tent wall. She reaches toward her mother. Gayelette is turned away. She takes one, two, three steps and disappears.

Dialogue 1 (Glinda, silent):

Glinda disappears

Page 10


Glinda ducks under a tent. She can hear her mother calling, but she curls her knees to her chest and hides behind some wooden boxes. When she can’t hear her mother calling anymore, she peeks out from underneath the flap of the tent.  She stops in surprise when she sees a pair of shapely ankles right in front of her face outside the tent. Shapely ankles belong to Mombi. She wears a cream-colored dress, but Glinda can only see the hem of the skirt.

The announcement comes from the direction of the stage that the Witches are to assemble for the Convocation of Witches.

Glinda hides in a tent

Witches Convocation announced

Shapely ankles (Mombi) outside the tent


6 panels

Panel 1

Glinda climbs out from beneath the tent. Her dress is dirty. A tear rolls down her cheek.

Text 1: Glinda!

Text 2: Glinda!

Dialogue 1 (Glinda, quietly): I’m right here. If you’d turn around, you would see me.

Panel 2

Glinda races down between another row of tents. We see her back as she runs away.

Text 1: I’m right here.

Text 2: Why are you leaving, Mother? Can’t you see I’m right here?

Panel 3

Glinda skids to a stop as she sees someone in white just around the corner of the tent.

Text 1: Uh-oh.

Text 2: Now I’m going to get it.

Panel 4

Glinda ducks under the tent flap.

Text 1: White. Sorceresses wear white. She’s going to kill me.

Panel 5

Inside the tent, Glinda picks up the other tent flap just enough to look. She sees a pair of shapely ankles and a cream-colored dress. The ankles belong to Mombi.

Text 1: Those ankles might belong to Mother, but where are the Silver Slippers?

Panel 6

Mombi crosses her arms. She is upset. She looks at someone coming toward her.

Dialogue 1 (Mombi): It’s about time you arrived. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting?

Page 11


From inside the tent, Glinda hears Mombi complaining about all the noise Mr. Tinker makes when he walks. All of his keys and tools make him sound like tinkling bells. “Ah, but my pretty lass, bells have power. And that is certainly something that I have.”

Establishing shot of Mr. Tinker and Mombi, with Glinda peeking out (eyes) beneath the tent flap. Mombi holds the ornate Silver Mirror. She says the mirror has power to see into a soul, but she wants something that really holds a reflection. Mr. Tinker pulls out a small blue bottle of Imaginary Paint. This will become what it is intended to be. It will even give you, the Witch of many faces, the power to paint someone else’s face.

Mr. Tinker notices Glinda’s red hair beneath the tent flap peeking out. He turns Mombi back toward the stage, preventing her from seeing Glinda.

Glinda overhears a meeting with Mr. Tinker and Mombi

Mombi purchases Imaginary Paint from the Land of Ix

Mr. Tinker notices the girl peeking. He steers Mombi clear of the tent.


5 panels

Panel 1

Mr. Tinker hurries toward Mombi. He jangles with all of the keys and small tools in his pockets and hanging from his belts.

Dialogue 1 (Mombi, off-screen): You certainly make enough noise when you run. It’s a wonder the entire crowd isn’t here with you.

Dialogue 2 (Mombi, off-screen): All I hear is bells.

Dialogue 3 (Mr. Tinker): Ah, but my pretty lass, bells have power. And power is why you can never stay mad.

Panel 2

Large panel. Mr. Tinker holds out a small vial of blue liquid. He introduces this as imaginary paint. Mombi is standoffish. She’s not certain that the Imaginary Paint can do all that it says.

Between them, on the ground, the tent flap rises. Glinda peeks out.

Dialogue 1 (Mr. Tinker): A fabled unguent from beyond the Deadly Desert. The sages of Ix called it “Imaginary Paint.” It becomes what it is intended to be.

Dialogue 2 (Mombi): You would not try to fib me, would you Tinker?

Panel 3

Close-up on Mr. Tinker’s eyes. He looks down and sees Glinda.

Text 1: Uh oh. I’m dead.

Dialogue 1 (Mr. Tinker): Misdirect a pretty lady like you? Bah, perish the thought.

Panel 4

Mr. Tinker puts his arm around Mombi’s shoulder and leads her away from the tent.

Dialogue 1 (Mr. Tinker): This concoction will do wonders for a mistress of disguise, like yourself. If you have the need—

Panel 5

Glinda crouches on the ground as she climbs out from under the tent. She hears Mr. Tinker finishing his sales pitch to Mombi.

Note: The dialogue balloon comes from around the tent. Mr. Tinker’s shoe is visible at the tent corner, showing them walking away.

Dialogue 1 (Mr. Tinker, off-screen):—paint someone else’s face.


Smith & Tinker demonstrations

Page 12


Establishing shot of the stage, Smith & Tinker and their wagon of wonders. Mr. Smith speaks through a curved trumpet-like device similar to a Dr. Seuss trumpet. This is the mega-trump-o-phone. It functions as a loudspeaker or megaphone.

Inset panel. Mr. Smith holds up a small hourglass and explains that inside this tiny vial, a sandy servant exists. It has power to become what its master intends it to be. They have power to take orders and to do all manner of wondrous service. They can even entertain. He pours out the hourglass of sand through his hand and a man-sized sand simulacrum appears. He commands it to dance. It dances. Mr. Smith points out that he is dancing a different jig from the sandy servant, so it is clear that this magic is not merely copying what it sees.

Once the demonstration is over, it is time for buying the wares. A crowd presses up to the wagon, pushing to get the magic hourglasses.

Demonstration of Sandy Servants

Witches crowd up to buy hourglasses


6 panels

Panel 1

Establishing shot of the stage. Smith & Tinker wagon. Mr. Smith holds up a small hourglass. A few people start to gather

Text 1: The main stage of the Abracadabra Bazaar. Smith & Tinker, inventors extraordinaire, always put on a great show.

Dialogue 1 (Mr. Smith): I hold here a small hourglass full of magic. What magic you ask? Could it be tears of a jinni? Scrapings from a dragon’s teeth?

Dialogue 2 (Mr. Smith): No. This, my friends, is a fully disincorporated servant. One sandy servant is contained in this hourglass. It can be yours for one hour, and one hour only.

Text 2: They always brought the finest wares, the most exotic ideas, and very nearly always, the best entertainment.

Panel 2 (inset on panel 1)

Close-up on small hourglass in the hand of Mr. Smith.

Text 1: They never disappoint.

Panel 3 (inset on panel 1)

Sand pours out from the hourglass onto Mr. Smith’s open hand. It falls through his fingers.

Dialogue 1 (Mr. Smith): Notice the sand falls through my fingers and becomes something more.

Panel 4

Sand magically rises from the stage to form a humanoid shape.

Text 1: That is why all of the Witches love them.

Text 2: The thrill of solely owning the exotic prize is enough to get the bidding started.

Dialogue 1 (Mr. Smith): But wait—there’s more. Watch this.

Dialogue 2 (Mr. Smith): Dance.

Panel 5

The sandy servant dances.

Text 1: If anyone ever wonders where all of the money in the Land of Oz went, look no further than the magical cart of Smith & Tinker.

FX: Clap, clap, clap. (Applause)

Panel 6

Mr. Smith dances a jig alongside the sandy servant, just to prove that he is not controlling it. The crowd pushes forward and watches closely.

Note: The crowd can be shown as silhouettes in front of the stage.

Text 1: And so it begins—the war between the Witches. Who will get the sandy servants?

Text 2: Every year it is something new, something incredible, something so desirable that it drives the entire Abracadabra Bazaar. It pushes the rivalries between the witches even further.

Text 3: Smith & Tinker never fail to disappoint.

Page 13


Overhead shot shows Glinda approaching the large crowd near the stage. Her father, Quelala, calls out for her. Glinda is both relieved and bothered to see her father. He carries a bundle. It is the white gown. Quelala urges Glinda to change into the white gown. There isn’t much time left. A sense of urgency drives Quelala’s words. He keeps glancing over at the stage. Glinda questions this. He says that there is not time to explain; just put on the white gown. Glinda refuses until her father tells her the reason why.


6 panels

Panel 1

Glinda approaches the rear of the crowd in front of the stage. Off panel, her father calls out her name.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala, off-screen): Glinda! There you are.

Panel 2

Glinda turns halfway to see her father (QUELALA) holding up a white bundle. This is the white gown she left behind. Her father explains that it is the white dress.

Text 1: Hoping for Mother. I guess Father will have to do just as well.

Dialogue 1 (Glinda): I’ve been walking.

Dialogue 2 (Quelala): And crawling, too, by the looks of your dress.

Dialogue 3 (Quelala): The white dress. Please, put it on.

Text 2: There was that word again—please.

Panel 3

Quelala unwraps and holds out the white dress to Glinda.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala): It’s a beautiful dress. And your green dress is dirty. You need to change.

Text 1: And there is the order. Something is going on here.

Dialogue 2 (Glinda): Not until you tell me why.

Panel 4

At the side of the stage, the witches are lining up for their announcement.

Dialogue 1 (Mr. Smith, off-screen): Winkies and Gillikins, Ozzians and Quadlings, Winkies and Witches, please approach the stage. We are approaching the time you have all been waiting for—the Convocation of Witches.

Panel 5

Close-up on Quelala’s face. He nervously looks up at the stage.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala): Glinda, you need to change into the white dress, now. There is no more time.

Panel 6

Close up on Glinda’s face.

Dialogue 1 (Glinda): No.

Dialogue 2 (Glinda): Not until you tell me exactly what is going on.

Convocation of Witches

Page 14


On the stage, the witches are introduced. One by one they march up. Each witch is dressed finely, but very differently. Their powers are reviewed and their locations (East, West, North, etc) are described.

§       Kalinya wears striped stockings. She lifts her skirts as she goes up the stairs.

§       Gayelette wears the Silver Slippers. She wears a white gown with red trim.

§       Locasta wears a big, floppy hat (the Oracular Hat). She is dressed in white and blue.

§       Ondri-baba has a glowing green magic eye. She wears large necklaces and ornate trim on her gown.

§       Mombi wears a low-cut, cream-colored dress and leans out, extending her hand to the audience. She has mixed dark and blonde hair. She changes her hair color. She has the audience eating out of her hand.

All witches introduced.


6 panels. One large across the top with two inset small panels. Three across the bottom.

Panel 1

On the stage, Mr. Smith announces the witches. They walk one-by-one up the stairs.

Dialogue 1 (Mr. Smith): The Witches of Oz!

Panel 2 (inset on panel 1)

Kalinya walking up the stairs. She lifts her skirts high enough to step up the stairs. Close-up on her feet and legs. She is wearing striped stockings.

Text 1: “From the Eastern forests and hills, she’ll throw you into the sky—Kalinya.”

Panel 3 (inset on panel 1)

Close-up on Gayelette’s feet and legs. She is wearing the Silver Slippers.

Text 1: Glinda, please, your mother retrieved this dress specifically for you.

Panel 4

Locasta follows behind her master, Kalinya. Her body language is stooped and embarrassed. She clearly does not want to be on stage. Her large hat looks floppy and awkward on her head.

Text 1: “Also from the land of the Munchkins, it looks like we have a fresh new face. Hiding in Kalinya’s shadow—Locasta.”

Panel 5

Ondri-baba glares at Mombi blowing kisses to the crowd. Shouts from the crowd feed Mombi’s love of entertaining. Ondri-baba despises Mombi because Mombi is prettier and more popular that Ondri-baba. The magic eye glows green, casting strange green light on her face.

Note: It should be very clear that Ondri-baba is (at the very least) homely and aged because of her magic. Mombi does not share the same magic lines on her face.

Text 1: “From parts unknown, making every heart go pitter pat, the witch who knows that beauty is her duty—Mombi.”

Text 2: “And the face that no one can forget, the Witch with invisibility at her disposal—maybe she can use a bit more on herself next time—Ondri-baba.”

Panel 6

Medium-shot of Gayelette glancing out toward the crowd, looking for Glinda and Quelala. Her face shows concern.

To the side of her, in the background, Kalinya watches her, smirking.

Text 1: “From the mountains of the North, your host, straight from the mysterious halls of the Ruby Palace, the sorceress with the eternal smile, Gayelette.”

Page 15


This page is primarily talking heads (Gayelette), so we need to introduce the intrigue and rivalry between Kalinya and Gayelette. Also introduce the strained alliance between Mombi and Kalinya. This will need to be done with winks or nods, or even character placement.

Kalinya smirks when Gayelette announces that Sonadia, Witch of the South, and a friend to all in the Land of Oz, is dead. This should give the impression that Kalinya killed her, or at least engineered her death. We don’t specify this, but we should imply it. Let the readers make up their own mind.

Sonadia is dead.

Gayelette reviews the affairs of the kingdom.


6 panels

Panel 1

Medium shot on Gayelette. Her eyes focus out on the rear of the audience, where Glinda and Quelala argue. In the background, Mombi runs her fingers through her dark hair.

Gayelette begins speaking about the affairs of the kingdom – good crop, pleasant weather, etc.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): Welcome friend and visitors, to the crowning festival of the Abracadabra Bazaar—The Convocation of Witches.

Dialogue 2 (Gayelette): Our kingdom has been prosperous this year. The corn has come in well. The rivers have been full and the mountains have sang for us.

Panel 2

Mombi tosses her hair back and smiles at the crowd.

Text 1: They’re going to go back and forth, Glinda, but it won’t last for much longer. Take the dress.

Dialogue 1 (audience member, off-screen): We love you, Mombi!

Panel 3

Gayelette frowns and reprimands the witch. She points her finger back to Mombi’s place on the stage. Mombi glances back over her shoulder coyly at the crowd.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): Back to your place, Mombi. You’ll have your moment in the sun soon enough.

Text 1: One act of defiance deserves another. Once the bickering started, nothing could stop it.

Text 2: The people came to see the witches humiliate each other. Upstaging was the name of the game. The heartless crowd wanted blood.

Panel 4

Kalinya steps forward, spreading her arms to the audience. She looks defiantly at Gayelette.

Text 1: The Witches never disappointed. Never.

Text 2: The winner of the Convocation was the last Witch standing. Sometimes literally. Usually metaphorically.

Panel 5

Kalinya stands at the front of the stage. From behind her, Gayelette continues her recitation of the announcements. Kalinya still stands with arms outstretched.

Text 1: Mombi never won, even though the crowd loved her. She could get away with flaunting herself.

Text 2: Others were not so practiced.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): You see there are five of us up here. There should be six Witches, but Sonadia, our true friend from the South, is dead.

Panel 6

Close-up on Kalinya’s face. Her smile turns into a sneer as she realizes what Gayelette just did. With Kalinya triumphant, Gayelette announced the death of a friend. This makes Kalinya look awkward.

Text 1: And Gayelette had just drawn first blood.

Dialogue 1 (audience, off-screen): Boo! Hiss!

Page 16


Near the stage, Quelala is frantically trying to get Glinda to change into the white gown. He points out that Locasta is wearing a white dress. She is going to be the apprentice of Kalinya. Do you get it yet? You are going to be your mother’s apprentice, today. In front of all of these people. Glinda grabs the white gown and looks frantically for a tent to run into. She runs halfway there, and she hears her mother say, “I was going to make a very important announcement, but it appears that is not quite ready.”

Gayelette concedes the Convocation of Witches will be won by somebody else. She walks off the stage.

Glinda is humiliated, even though only three people know her great failure – her, Gayelette, and Quelala. She runs away and throws the dress down on the ground. Quelala picks it up as Glinda runs away. He has the choice to follow either his wife or his daughter. So he does what he always does, and follows Gayelette.


§       Quelala points out that Locasta is wearing a white dress. She is going to be the apprentice of Kalinya. Glinda realizes that she was going to be publicly called up and declared her mother’s apprentice. But it becomes too late. Gayelette announces that her presentation is not ready. She bows out.

§       Humiliated, Glinda runs away. Gayelette walks away. Quelala is forced to choose, so he does what he has always done, and he follows Gayelette.


8 panels

Panel 1

At the back of the crowd, Quelala points toward the stage. Glinda has her arms crossed defiantly.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala): That girl up there is wearing white.

Dialogue 2 (Glinda): That’s no girl, that’s your wife.

Panel 2

Long shot of the stage. Gayelette holding her hand out toward Quelala and Glinda. Behind the dark-clothed witches (Mombi needs to be hidden behind Kalinya’s dark dress for this contrast to work) Locasta is wearing white.

Text 1: Not your mother, the other one—Locasta.

Text 2: She is Mombi’s apprentice.

Panel 3

Medium shot on Glinda’s surprised realization. Quelala holds the dress out to her. Glinda is supposed to be announced as an apprentice.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala): You are to be announced as your mother’s apprentice today.

Panel 4

Glinda grabs the dress and runs toward the nearby tents.

Panel 5

Inset panel. Super close-up on Gayelette’s face, angry and disappointed.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette, off-screen): I had planned on a historic announcement, but I can see that it is clearly not ready.

Panel 6

Close-up on Glinda’s horrified expression. She is shocked, and outraged, and hurt, and embarrassed. A tear trickles down her cheek.

Text 1 (Gayelette, offscreen): And so the sorceress withdrew from the convocation.

Text 2: And so I leave you in the capable hands, such as they are, of the other witches.

Panel 7

Overhead shot. Quelala stands in the middle. His arms reach out—one in each direction—toward Glinda and Gayelette, moving in opposite directions. Glinda runs away down past the tents. Gayelette heads off the stage and toward the town.

Panel 8 (inset in panel 7)

Note: Quelala follows after Gayelette.

Close-up  (chest and head) shot of Quelala. In the background, Glinda runs away. He turns his head to look the other way, toward his wife, Gayelette.

Text 1: Given the choice between following and consoling his daughter, and following after his wife, Quelala did as he had always done, and followed after Gayelette.

Gayelette writes in the Council House of the Gillikin Elders.

Page 17


Kalinya throws open the door and brags that she won the Convocation handily. She demands to know what sort of power Gayelette is hiding. Gayelette says that nobody in Oz dreams. She will not give Kalinya any power. Kalinya throws Gayelette across the room. One, two, three steps and Gayelette is in front of Kalinya, grasping her hands. Kalinya screams as her hands shrivel into claws. Gayelette absorbs the life energy from them.

Outside the hut, Gayelette marches Kalinya by her hair out the door and then throws her on the ground in front of Quelala, Locasta, and Mr. Tinker.


6 panels

Panel 1 -3 – across top of page.

Panel 1

Gillikin Council House - exterior

Small panel to introduce the location. Kalinya (in her blue and black dress) storms toward the door.

Text 1: Later. In town.

Panel 2

Close up on Gayelette’s hand, writing with ink and quill.

Text 1: The sorceress preserves her knowledge.

Text 2: If it cannot be mother to daughter, it must be pen to paper.


Panel 3

Inkwell falls over onto the paper. Ink spills on the writing. Gayelette’s hands clench in anger.

Panel 4

Kalinya gleefully mocks Gayelette.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): I won. I won the convocation.

Dialogue 2 (Kalinya): Didn’t you hear me? I said I won.

Dialogue 3 (Kalinya): What power do you keep all to yourself? Power to control others. Teach me.

Text 1 (Gayelette, off-screen): “No.”

Text 2 (bottom of panel): “Then I will destroy you!”

Panel 5

Gayelette grabs Kalinya’s hands and drives the witch to her knees. Magic flows from Kalinya’s hands into Gayelette.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): Others? You think I want to control others?

Dialogue 2 (Gayelette): I am bridging the gap between this world and dream. I will not waste my time on amassing power over people and things.

Dialogue 3 (Gayelette): I am after real power. Dreams. Why does no one in Oz dream?

Text 1: The anguished screams of the witch made no impression on the eternal sorceress.

Panel 6

Kalinya holds up her hands. They have now become shriveled claws. She wails in horror.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): What have you done?

Dialogue 2 (Gayelette): I have taken years of life out of your hands. Do not cross me again, witch.

Panel 7

Council chamber – exterior.

Gaylette throws Kalinya by her hair, face-first, out into the street outside the Council Chambers. Quelala, Locasta, and Mr. Tinker stand by watching. Locasta is surprised and concerned. Quelala is upset that his wife would behave so rudely.

Text 1: Her bid for apprenticeship failed.

Text 2: But Kalinya always had another scheme.

Glinda in cornfield

Page 18


Elsewhere. Later. The sun is going down. There is a scarecrow as scenery in the cornfield. Glinda sits on the fence, eating a cob of corn. This cornfield is far away from the bazaar. Glinda came here to get some space and think.

In the shadows of the corn, the Witch, Kalinya appears.

Kalinya startles Glinda, who drops her corn. Kalinya offers to take Glinda as her apprentice. Even more than that, she will take Glinda as her daughter. She will give Glinda the attention she deserves, and in return, Glinda will have the mother she wants. All she needs to do is to share what is inside her head. Kalinya’s words start to have a hypnotizing affect on Glinda. Then she promises that she will treasure Glinda like a dream.

That breaks the spell. Glinda gets very angry. She declares that she is NOT a dream – she is real. Kalinya has offended Glinda so badly that Glinda swears that someday Kalinya will hate her more than she hates her mother, Gayelette.

§       Glinda sits near a cornfield, eating a cob of corn. Kalinya appears.

§       Discussion between Kalinya and Glinda. Glinda gets angry. She is not a dream - she is real. Glinda assures Kalinya that the witch will hate Glinda far more than she ever hated her mother. Glinda leaves.


7 Panels

Panel 1 – Long panel across top of page

Exterior. Cornfield. Sun going down.

Note: This panel shows a cornfield to change the scene. A scarecrow can stick up halfway in the field of corn. This does not need to be detailed, because the Scarecrow does not play any part in this story. This is only to set the mood.

Text 1: Elsewhere.

Panel 2

Glinda sits on a fence on the edge of the cornfield. Evil yellow eyes stare out at her, but she doesn’t see them. Glinda eats a cob of corn. Her face is sad. She has been crying.

A voice from the cornfield startles Glinda (next panel).

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya, off-screen): Poor Glinda. Alone again.

Panel 3

Glinda falls off the fence. Her cob of corn falls in the dirt and bounces. Kalinya tries to comfort Glinda, saying that she would be a better mother for the girl than Gayelette. Kalinya’s yellow-amber eyes stare out from the shadows beyond the fence.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): I only want your happiness, child.

Dialogue 2 (Glinda): Why? My mother says you are a wicked witch?

Panel 4

Kalinya takes the dirty cob of corn in her claw-like hands.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): Tell me, Glinda, your mother speaks of me. Does she ever speak of you?

Dialogue 2 (Glinda):

Inset panel (Panel #5)

Glinda’s face is anguished (very sad) at the truth in Kalinya’s question.

Text 1: I thought I wanted the truth.

Panel 6

Kalinya smiles as she circles Glinda again. Glinda is frustrated and angry. She doesn’t want to hear any more lies. When Kalinya tries to use some of Gayelette’s words on Glinda, the girl explodes in anger, saying that she is not a dream. She is real.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): Oh. I see.

Dialogue 2 (Kalinya): If you were my daughter, I would not treat you like a poppet on a shelf. I would treat you respectfully, carefully…treasure you like a

Dialogue 3 (Kalinya): dream.

Text 1 (on bottom of panel, right): Dream? I am not a dream! I am real! REAL!

Panel 7 – long panel across bottom of page

“You will hate me. You will hate me more than you could possibly hate my mother.” (Words are in text boxes across the top of the panel.)

Glinda walks angrily away on the left side of the panel.

In the middle of the panel, Glinda turns and points at Kalinya.

Kalinya stands at the far right of the panel. This panel shows that Glinda walked away, but still argued and yelled at the witch.

Note: The shadows are getting longer. These figures could work as silhouettes.

Text 1 (top of panel, right, to lead in from the previous text box): “Come back, Glinda. I don’t hate you.”

Text 2 (Glinda, middle of panel): “You will hate me, Witch.”

Text 3 (Glinda, left of panel): “You will hate me more than you hate my mother.”

Inset panel (Panel #8)

Close-up on Kalinya’s shocked expression.

Along the riverbank

Page 19


Elsewhere, at the same time, Quelala and Gayelette talk about Glinda. Quelala mentioned that Glinda might have dreamed. Nobody in Oz dreams. This makes Gayelette very happy. She will take Glinda as her apprentice tonight. It doesn’t matter if everyone in Oz knows. If Glinda is dreaming, then it is time for her to become the sorceress’ apprentice that she was born to be. She can help with this great and final experiment tonight. Then Gayelette will finally have time to have the family she has wanted for decades.

Nearby, two Gillikin women gathering rushes near river. Gayelette and Quelala hear rustling near river. Quelala thinks it might be a Winged Monkey, so he turns Gayelette away. He can’t have her seeing his friends, the Winged Monkeys.

Gayelette teleports to the Ruby Palace. When Quelala looks back at the river, there is only one Gillikin woman.


5 panels

Panel 1

Long panel across top of page

River. The shadows are growing longer. Gayelette and Quelala walk along the river. In the background, the Ruby Palace rises behind them. Rushes rise up from the riverbanks.

Two cloaked Gillikin women are behind the royal couple (Gayelette and Quelala) on the riverbank. They are gathering rushes. These can be silhouettes.

Text 1: Meanwhile.

Text 2: As two Gillikin women gather rushes in the river

Text 3: A lone voice of reason appeals to the eternal sorceress.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala): Glinda needs you as a mother. There are nights that she cries out in her sleep.

Dialogue 2 (Gayelette): She…she dreamed?

Panel 2

Quelala looks surprised.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala): I didn’t say that.

Dialogue 2 (Quelala): Glinda needs her mother. She needs you.

Panel 3

Gayelette is very excited.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): Yes, yes. Of course. Tonight.

Dialogue 2 (Gayelette): I will be her mother tonight. Every girl needs her mother. It doesn’t matter that the other Witches don’t know.

Panel 4

Gayelette is excited. Quelala is not.

Dialogue 1 (Gayelette): Tonight I will take Glinda as my apprentice.

Dialogue 2 (Gayelette): She will be at my side as I complete my life’s work.

Dialogue 3 (Quelala): She is not ready to go into the Ruby Palace again. Remember last time?

Panel 5

Long panel across bottom of page.

Quelala turns to look at the distant castle. A sparkle shows where Gayelette appears. He talks to himself.

Behind him, only one cloaked woman is visible now.

Text 1: One, two, three steps, and Gayelette is gone.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala): Not that it matters. You do exactly what you want, anyway.

Text 2: The Silver Slippers glimmer against the shadows of the distant Ruby Palace.

Dialogue 2 (Quelala): I suppose I had better take this white gown back to Glinda. She will need it tonight.

Text 3 (bottom of panel, right): Behind him, one Gillikin woman gathered reeds in the evening shadows.

Page 20


§       Sun goes down. Old Crone (Mombi) confronts Glinda on the road.

§       Pulls Glinda’s hair. Allows Glinda to fix her hair in the Silver Mirror.

§       Glinda leaves, but her face reflection stays in the mirror.


8 panels

Panel 1

On a nearby path, Glinda walks back toward her tower. She is deep in thought. Her eyes are troubled. Her messy red hair is starting to flatten out. A voice from the shadows calls out.

Text 1: Meanwhile.

Dialogue 1 (Old Crone, off-screen): Bless my soul, Child, what beautiful hair you have.

Panel 2

Glinda is startled.

Dialogue 1 (Glinda): Who is there?

Panel 3

An old crone reaches out to touch Glinda’s hair. Glinda recoils (pulls away), disgusted by the violation of her own personal space.

Dialogue 1 (Old Crone): This old face is blessed to see such youth and beauty.

Dialogue 2 (Old Crone): Your hair. So lovely.

Panel 4

Old crone’s fingers grab Glinda’s hair. Glinda jerks backwards, saying “Ouch!”

Dialogue 1 (Glinda): Ouch!

Panel 5

Old crone apologizes. She was just trying to help the girl fix her pretty, pretty red hair. She pulls out a SILVER MIRROR.

Dialogue 1 (Old Crone): Apologies, pet. I was only trying to fix.

Dialogue 2 (Glinda): My hair is fine.

Dialogue 3 (Old Crone): No. You have a tangle there. Let me help.

Dialogue 4 (Glinda): I don’t need your help.

Dialogue 5 (Old Crone): I have a special mirror. Perfect for a pretty face like yours.

Panel 6

She holds out a mirror for Glinda to fix her hair. Glinda straightens her hair. We see Glinda looking down into the mirror as her hands are up in her hair.

Dialogue 1 (Glinda): Thank you.

Panel 7

Glinda walks away. Old crone watches her leave and thanks her.

Dialogue 1 (Old Crone): A pleasure, pet. Thank you.

Panel 8

Old crone looks in the mirror to see Glinda’s reflection still trapped on the mirror. Her other hand holds five strands of Glinda’s red hair.

Dialogue 1 (Old Crone): Such a pretty face. And your red hair is just lovely.

Witches Conspire in Sparkwood Forest

Page 21


Dark forest. Establish Sparkwood Forest with small sparks in the shadows. Light that illuminates from parts of the trees enough to light the meeting with Mombi and Kalinya. Kalinya is in the establishing shot. Her claw-like aged hands are anxious as they tap on the highly-volatile branches of the sparkwood tree.

Mombi appears. She wears a hooded cloak. We know it is Mombi because of the low-cut cream-colored dress. Her dark eyes sparkle in the shadows under the hood. We cannot see her hair yet. This is the reveal of Mombi’s newly acquired red hair. This came from the stolen red hairs from Glinda.

When she pulls her hood off, her red hair surprises Kalinya. Then Mombi shows the captured face of Glinda in the Silver Mirror. She pulls the Imaginary Paint off the mirror and affixes the Glinda mask onto her own face. Kalinya smiles as she begins to see the plan forming. But there is only one concern – how is Mombi going to hide that body that she is so proud of? She certainly does not look like a fifteen-year old girl.

Mombi is wearing a corset. She removes the cloak and reveals the corset. She asks Kalinya to tighten the laces so that she can flatten down her figure to look more like Glinda. Kalinya uses her magic to pull the laces very tight. Mombi gasps for breath.

Now they are ready to finish the disguise. They’ll have to sneak into Glinda’s tower to get some of her clothes so that they can get into the Ruby Palace tonight. Tonight will be the night that Kalinya forces Gayelette to reveal her secrets.


§       Mombi goes to meet Kalinya at their rendezvous point in Sparkwood Forest.

§       Mombi and Kalinya talk. Mombi shows how she can turn her hair red. She shows the Silver Mirror with Glinda’s face. Peels off the Imaginary Paint reflection and affixes it to her face. Kalinya begins to see the plan. Mombi says that Gayelette is taking Glinda into the Ruby Palace tonight. Kalinya wants to get inside the Ruby Palace to get Gayelette’s secrets.

§       Kalinya points out that Mombi is far too voluptuous to be confused with Glinda. Mombi pulls out a corset and Kalinya helps her tie it very tight. Mombi-Glinda can barely breathe now. They head toward Glinda’s tower to find a disguise.


5 panels

Panel 1

Dark forest. Kalinya paces impatiently. Sparkwood Forest. Small sparks light from the treest.

Text 1: Sparkwood Forest.

Text 2: Time is short, and Kalinya is impatient.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya, to herself): How does Gayelette know what a dream is? How does Glinda know? If only—

Dialogue 2 (Kalinya): Where is she?

Panel 2

Kalinya raises her arm and magically pulls down a branch from the tree. As it hits the ground, the wood bursts into flame. Voice from off-screen speaks to her.

Dialogue 1 (Mombi, off-screen): At least you are not afraid of the dark, like your sister.

Panel 3

Mombi approaches in the Old Crone’s cloak. Her hood is over her head, but her face is beautiful again.

Tells Kalinya that she heard about Gayelette’s throwing her out on her face. And her poor hands. You should really moisturize more. Your age is starting to show.

Dialogue 1 (Mombi): Hasty actions will undo all of your diabolical schemes, Kalinya.

Dialogue 2 (Mombi): I heard Gayelette used you for a doormat.

Dialogue 3 (Kalinya): I’m surprised you were not there cheering her on.

Dialogue 4 (Kalinya): With all the faces you wear, I don’t know whose side you are on, day-to-day.

Panel 4

On Kalinya. She is angry, frustrated, and starting to get violent with her hands. The power is so close she can feel it, but how are they supposed to get into the Ruby Palace? That’s where all of the power is. But Gayelette keeps everything well-protected.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): I am so close. The power is right there. Gayelette taunts me. Dream! What is dream?

Dialogue 2 (Mombi): Shush. Oh, look at your hands. You really should moisturize. Your age is showing.

Dialogue 3 (Kalinya): Why are you so smug? We don’t know how we’re going to get inside the Ruby Palace.

Panel 5

Mombi pulls back her hood to reveal beautiful red hair. The same color as Glinda’s hair.

Dialogue 1 (Mombi): I was down by the river, and I picked up the loveliest bits of gossip. Oh, also…red hair.

Page 22


See page 21 above.


8 panels

Panel 1

On Kalinya’s slow, devious smile. Another scheme is coming together. It’s all starting to form in her mind. She starts to see how Mombi can impersonate Glinda. Kalinya says that it will be from a distance. They can lure Gayelette out, and then take the Ruby Palace.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): You are almost as devious as me.

Dialogue 2 (Mombi): Almost.

Dialogue 3 (Kalinya): But not nearly as ruthless.

Panel 2

Mombi takes out the Silver Mirror from a pocket.

Dialogue 1 (Mombi): There are more effective faces than ruthless, my dear.

Dialogue 2 (Kalinya): How did you get that?

Panel 3

Mombi shows the Silver Mirror still holding Glinda’s face. Says that all she needs to do is pull the Imaginary Paint off the mirror and put it on her own face.

Dialogue 1 (Mombi): Secrets, jealous one. Secrets.

Dialogue 2 (Mombi): The Silver Mirror reflects truth. So when I want a little truth, I just take it. Like so, and—

Panel 4

Mombi puts her hands over her face, affixing the flexible paint mask.

Dialogue 1 (Mombi): Place it on my face. And, voila—

Panel 5

Mombi-Glinda revealed. It is Glinda’s face, but Mombi’s voluptuous body. Kalinya comments that she will never be able to impersonate a fifteen-year old girl with that body.

Dialogue 1 (Mombi): We have a scheme.

Dialogue 2 (Kalinya): You have her face, but you’ll never be able to fool Gayelette with that body. That is not the body of a fifteen-year old girl.

Panel 6

Mombi holds up a corset.

Dialogue 1 (Mombi): Lace me up?

Panel 7

Mombi holds tight to a tree as Kalinya pulls the laces on the corset very tight.

Text 1: Fool’s rule number one: Power-hungry witches generally seize any and all power they can grasp—even if it is only tightening the strings of a corset.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): Still breathing? Tighter?

Panel 8

Close up on Mombi’s anguished face as she contorts with pain.

Dialogue 1 (Mombi): Gasp!

Text 1: Fool’s rule number two: keep breathing. What doesn’t kill you will get better.

Quelala takes the white gown back to Glinda’s tower.

Page 23


Inside Glinda’s tower room. Quelala knocks on the door. Glinda faces away from the door. We see in an inset panel that her blue eyes are burning, almost crying. She does not want to deal with either one of her parents tonight. She is angry, and hurt, and embarrassed.

Quelala enters. He lays the white gown over the back of the chair by the door. This needs to be very obvious and apparent that he is doing this. The white gown needs to be visible that it is laying over the back of the chair. (It is important for the next issue)

He sits down to talk with Glinda, even though she is not facing him. He tells her that he has a secret that he wants to share. Her eyes widen, even though she does not turn over. He stands up and goes to the window. Blows on his whistle.

§       Quelala talks with Glinda. Puts dress over back of chair.

§       Glinda is angry with her mother. Quelala tries to explain that everything will be different very soon. Tonight is the last night. If everything goes as planned, Gayelette will not be busy any more.

§       Quelala reveals that he has a secret he wants to share. Talks mysteriously about his friends from the forest.

§       Quelala blows a whistle and there is great flapping of wings.


6 panels

Panel 1

Silhouette of Glinda’s tower against the darkening sky. Her window light is on.

Text 1: Glinda’s tower.

Panel 2

Inside the tower, focus on the inner door. Glinda is on the bed. We see part of her so that we know that she is in there.

FX: Knock, knock.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala, off-screen): Glinda? It’s me, your father. May I come in and see my princess?

Panel 3

Quelala enters the room. He folds the white gown over the back of a chair near the door. He talks about Gayelette.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala): Here’s your white gown. You might need it later tonight.

Dialogue 2 (Quelala): Your mother…she is not intentionally being difficult—it is just that she is so close to finishing this experiment.

Dialogue 3 (Quelala): She wanted to announce you in front of the whole land today. You and your mother are so much alike.

Dialogue 4 (Glinda): We’re nothing alike. She is evil.

Dialogue 5 (Quelala): I hope you never face evil harsher than what is in your stories.

Panel 3

Quelala sits down on Glinda’s bed. She faces away from him. He tells her of his childhood around this area. He discovered a great secret in the forest. It’s a secret that I was going to share with you on your birthday, but I am thinking that tonight might be the right time.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala): I was a boy in these forests. I discovered something—a great secret—but you have to promise not to tell your mother.

Dialogue 2 (Quelala): I was going to save it for your sixteenth birthday, but one month early won’t hurt.

Panel 4

On Glinda’s face. Her eyes brighten and a smile grows on her face.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala, off-screen): But if you would rather wait…?

Dialogue 2 (Glinda): No. Tell me.

Panel 5

Glinda sits up on her bed. Her legs are crossed and she leans toward her father. Anticipation shows on her face and in her body language.

Quelala pulls out a Silver Whistle (flute) and plays a tune.

Dialogue 1 (Quelala): Every ruler of an animal tribe has a Silver Whistle to summon their people. This one was given to me by a very dear friend. I’d like you to meet him.

FX: Music notes.

Panel 6

Glinda looks up at the ceiling. Quelala beams (smiles) with excitement and pleasure.

FX: Flap! Flap! Flap!

Appearance of Winged Monkeys

Page 24


This is the big Oz reveal in this issue. Here is where Glinda sees something she has never before seen – the Winged Monkeys. The Winged Monkeys are an iconic Wizard of Oz reference, so this is a very important reveal. We are characterizing the Winged Monkeys as being intelligent and characters in their own right. They are not just tiny monsters or slaves, out to do the bidding of their master. They have personalities, and they are people. This needs to come across in the character designs and the mannerisms of the monkeys.

Glinda is very surprised to see them. We don’t need to see Quelala in this splash panel, but we know that he is very, very proud of both of his friends, the Winged Monkeys, and his daughter, Glinda. He’s been waiting for this moment for a long time.

King Klick, King of the Winged Monkeys has silver fur and he wears a unique crown. It looks almost like a form of jester’s cap. He conducts himself with grace and authority. He is respectful.

Behind King Klick is Brutus, a larger, stronger monkey who wears an eyepatch. He is a villain, and it should show in this panel. Even though he is in shadow, he needs to be seen enough to foreshadow that he is going to be trouble.

** Maybe this actually takes place in the window of the tower. There would be room for King Klick on the floor, reaching out to Glinda in respect. In the window could be Brutus and perhaps Beriyel, a princess of the Winged Monkeys.


§       Splash reveal of Winged Monkeys
At the tower, Glinda is very surprised to see Winged Monkeys land all around her. King Klick introduces himself.

§       Small panels on bottom, Nearby, Mombi and Kalinya approach the tower.

§       Teaser for next issue, with Mombi and Kalinya breaking into the Ruby Palace.


Three panels. One large splash, and two small for teaser into next issue.

Panel 1 – large splash

Surprise in Glinda’s posture as she faces the King of the Winged Monkeys, King Klick. He takes her hand and introduces himself.

King Klick is surrounded by his tribe.

Dialogue 1 (King Klick): Princess Glinda, I, and my people, have eagerly awaited this day. I am King Klick, ruler of the Winged Monkeys.

Panel 2

Exterior of Glinda’s tower. Sky is darker. Two silhouettes down below. Their voices identify them as Kalinya and Mombi.

Dialogue 1 (Kalinya): So you’ve got her hair, her face, and an unquestionably well-endowed teenage body. What’s next?

Dialogue 2 (Mombi): Glinda will be called as an apprentice tonight. I get one of her dresses, and you follow me inside.

Panel 3

Moon slowly rises over the horizon. The Ruby Palace glistens red in the night. It glows with a magical energy inside.

Text 1 (Teaser): Next issue: Attack on the Ruby Palace!

End of issue #1

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