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Comic Book Scripts

The Hidden History of Oz

Fifty years before Dorothy traveled to the Emerald City, teenage Glinda battles against the Wicked Witches for freedom in Oz.

"The Life of Glinda"

    • With only three spells, two clever friends, and a wizard with a dream, Glinda will learn that the one thing in Oz more powerful than magic is freedom.
Ultimate McDonaldland
Set in the dystopian future of this once-happy land, these stories are a darker re-imagining of the 1980's television advertisments.
    • Follows the Happy Meal Buddies as they battle a foreign mastermind.
"Cheeseburglar Origin - Behold, the Power of Cheese"
    • Follows the orphaned daughter of The Hamburglar as she investigates the events surrounding her father's mysterious death. 
    • Explains how she obtained her superhuman powers.
McDonaldland is owned by McDonald's Corporation.  I make no claim to own any of these characters.  This is intended as parody, protected under the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution.