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Written in 2000, after writing the events of Episode III - The Path of Darkness.

Prophesy of Light

Twenty five thousand years before the stories we know so well, There were other heroes - 

brave men and women who lived and died for the salvation of the galaxy. 

The greatest of these was a man named VADER KESKAR.

The Galaxy gathers together in celebration. For the first time in history, 

the entire galaxy will be united under one central government - THE GALACTIC REPUBLIC.

The GUARDIANS OF PEACE also face changes in their ranks. 

The Council of Elder Guardians jealously covets its power, 

expressly forbidding anyone to question their authority. 

Their traditions, long held sacred, now come under scrutiny - 

Questioned by the one man who holds the fate of the galaxy in his hands ...

Poster created by David Britt, 2000.
Casting by David Britt and Tarl Telford