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Written in 2000, after writing Episode II - Sanctuary Lost.

The Old Republic fights a losing battle with the MANDALORIAN CLONES. 

Planet after planet falls under Mandalorian rule. 

The armies of the Jedi Knights fight valiantly to restore peace, 

all the while faced with their own extinction.

Desperate voices cry out for freedom. They cry for a savior to deliver them. 

CHANCELLOR PALPATINE steps forward to answer the call.

Jedi Knight ANAKIN SKYWALKER struggles to unravel the mystery of his past. 

Shadowy voices rage within him, luring him toward the dark side of the force...

Darthine Jez

Jezi was the daughter of one of the most powerful families in the galaxy - The House of the Sun. The Prophesy was well known, "In the time of greatest suffering, there shall arise a savior, and he shall be called the Son of the Sun." (Journal of the Whills)

There was a great deal of contention about who would be the mother of this "Savior". Centuries passed. Finally, it was decided that the prophesy must be fulfilled soon, and the eligible daughters of this powerful house came forward. Jezi was selected as being the mother of the Chosen One - the One who would bring balance.

Then her cousin, Shmi, ended up pregnant. Jezi knew very well that there was no father, but she would not allow her chance to slip away. So she betrayed Shmi and was the primary voice in exiling her forever. She sent a bounty hunter, Aurra Sing, to kill Shmi and the child ... but this bounty hunter was trained in the Jedi arts, and knew of the prophesy. Aurra Sing sold them into slavery, and stayed to watch what this child, Anakin, could become.

Jezi's anger made her powerful in the ways of the force. She followed a dark path that led her to the Dark Lord himself - Darth Sidious. After the death of Darth Rezin, Lord Sidious waited for Anakin to turn to the dark side, refusing to take another apprentice before Anakin. Jezi was the most powerful of the dark side adepts, and she was the first in line for Lordship. But still, Darth Sidious would not train her.

So she took upon herself the title Darthine Jez. She wields a lightsaber and a circular disk - a Chakram - which she hurls with deadly accuracy; with the force she can guide the chakram unfailingly to its mark.

Now Anakin has embarked upon the Path of Darkness. Darthine Jez must destroy him to prove her worthiness to Darth Sidious. It is a race against destiny and against prophesy to determine who becomes the next Dark Lord of the Sith ...