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Digital sculptures made in Sculptris, a free sculpting program, now owned by Pixologic, makers of zBrush.

All sculptures are intended to be stylized, reflecting my style of art with accompanying proportions.

Newest images are at the top.

Flying Monkey Beak - front
Beaked Monkey - Front

Beaked Monkey - Side


Sorceress - Left
Sorceress - Rear
 Elder Thing - from HP Lovecraft's works. WIP

Elder Thing - worm's eye view. Texture added

Elder Thing - green texture added

Elder Thing Head
Molly Pitcher. Hero of the Battle of Monmouth. WIP    

 Molly 3/4. I like the proud expressing on her face, mingled with just a little bit of mirth.

Full View 3/4. Still a lot of work to be done on the clothing details.
Side view. She's a little off-balance, but that will change once I pose the character with one foot forward.
Icee T, Extinction FIST concept

Icee T. Front View.

Spinosaurus concept WIP. Extinction FIST.

Spinosaurus head. WIP.

 Punky Brewster head. WIP


Punky Brewster body. WIP.
Angry Gorilla - WIP
Frowning Gorilla - WIP

Big gorilla. 
 How about some wings?
Wheeler from the Clockwork Forest - Original Concept  

Front 3/4 View
Front View
Side View
Rear View

Rear 3/4 View

Bottom View
Top View
Chuck, the main character in the game Extinction FIST

Chuck in full dinosaur-fighting gear

Pachycephalosaurus. Hi-resolution model for Extinction FIST.
Tin Woodman, Emperor of the Winkies
Mombi, a hunchbacked witch in Oz
Dorothy and Toto

Jogger Girl

TikTok, the Clockwork Man